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Be Open

Artist: Richard Smallwood & Vision

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Be Open Lyrics

Be open to the Spirit, be open to the Word.
Be open to His power, let it move all through your life.
God is moving by His Spirit, be open and receive it;
be open to His Spirit and you...

Sopranos: shall...
Altos: shall...
Tenors: shall...

All: be blessed.

The Holy Ghost is here when saints in prayer agree.
While the Spirit is moving, ask of God whatever you need.
Open up your mind, your heart, and your soul to Him,
and He will give you love divine, the Holy Spirit falls down.

(When the Spirit moves, it makes me feel alright), yeah.
(Your awesome power moving in my life), hallelujah.
(When the Spirit is present, my soul starts shaking), yeah
(Hallelujah) yeah, yeah.

Move on, move on (in me).
Can't you feel it, the Spirit moving?
Don't you feel it, His power moving?
Can't you feel His Spirit moving all over you?

Thank you Jesus, for Your Spirit.
Thank you Lord, for this feeling.

Oh, I can feel it, Your Spirit moving all over me.
(repeat as desired)

Hallelujah, hallelujah.
(repeat as desired)

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