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Be Mine

Artist: Grits

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Be Mine - View Be Mine Lyrics

Be Mine Lyrics

hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
hey baby hey baby hey baby
slow down hold up (i want you to be mine)
we can hook up
we can hook up
we can get married
this is my gift to you
my love is true
we can get married

whod have thought my babe was on an island of her own
had me smiling on the phone same page different time zones
gods a real character painting caricatures of christ
and his love for the church enduring the pain cuz it hurts
when i saw you i went bezerk insane goin looney and cartooney
so sue me you was a vision of beauty truly
thinking of all the charm to inflect upon my behalf
forgive me dont mean to stare but your hair is down to your calf
tell me about yourself your culture is polynesian
i love when the breeds be mixin our blueprint is in ephesians
instantaneously cultures collided decided wed ride it
spent time in prayer separately so we wouldnt have to hide it
fictitious image brought to life reflection of love
carefully inspected with gloves so fragile my darling was
and i aint need miss cleo to re-assure me that i got her
scored big like the opening week of harry potter

in the beginning i hesitated debated within my soul
wrestling with my feelings of knowing if you was sent
enduring the distance alone being content
longing your presence believing that we was meant
submitted my intent i was truly convinced
youre the women in my life i couldnt breate without
and i wrote this so you wouldnt have any doubt
or misunderstanding of what my love is really about
cause from here on out baby its all about us
and from here on out i wanna build on trust
cause the union we got aint no comparing any other
im askin you to be more than a babys mother
my help mate soul tie my right hand
beginning and end and better half of life
to be my lady my lover my best friend and wife hey

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