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BarlowGirl (Self-titled)

Artist: BarlowGirl

Songs on "BarlowGirl (Self-titled)" Album

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Average Girl - View Average Girl Lyrics
Clothes - View Clothes Lyrics
Harder Than The Fist Time - View Harder Than The Fist Time Lyrics
Never Alone - View Never Alone Lyrics
On My Own - View On My Own Lyrics
Pedestal - View Pedestal Lyrics
She Walked Away - View She Walked Away Lyrics
Surrender - View Surrender Lyrics
You Led Me - View You Led Me Lyrics

Average Girl Lyrics

So what I'm not your average girl
I don't meet the standards of this world
Chasing after boys is not my thing
See I'm waiting for a wedding ring

No more dating
I'm just waiting
Like sleeping beauty
My prince will come for me
No more dating
I'm just waiting
'Cause God is writing my love story

Boys are bad; that's certainly not true
'Cause God's preparing one for you
If you get tired waiting till he comes
God's arms are the perfect place to run


Sleep - that's the only thing for me
'Cause when I sleep
God's preparing one for me


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Clothes Lyrics

Clothes aren't what they used to be
They don't seem to fit you and me, anymore
Modesty is out the door
Flaunting what we've got and more is in
Yeah, it's in

They're sayin'
Don't ask why, just wear what we say
You'll look like a model if you'll only obey
To get the attention, just do what we say

Pay so much for clothes so small
Was this shirt made for me or my doll?
Is this all I get?
I looked so hot but caught a cold
I was doing just what I was told
To fit in


We're sayin'
Let's ask why, don't wear what they say
Don't want to be a model; they can't eat anyway
That kind of attention will fade with the day
So, I'll stand up and say. . .

Clothes that fit are fine
Won't show what's mine
Don't change my mind
I'll be fine

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Harder Than The Fist Time Lyrics

I walked with you
Just like we've done for so long
You seemed so near
But even that's become so common

It's not just you, just been together so long
That I thought I knew everything about you
But today I saw; did you open up my eyes?
'Cause I feel like I've just seen you for the first time

I didn't see you
But God I want to
You've come alive
and I think I've fallen harder than the first time

Was I so blind; how did I not see you?
Yet in all that time you never left my side
So for all my life, I will live to know you
So here I am; I'll take your hand


I see your face; I feel you close
The love you've always shown me
Won't miss it now, can't waste a day
Jesus I'm yours completely


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Never Alone Lyrics

I waited for you today
But you didn't show
No no.
I needed you today
So where did you go?
You told me to call
Said you'd be there
And though I haven't seen you
Are you still there?

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel you by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I'm never alone

And though I cannot see you
And I can't explain why
Such a deep reassurance
You've placed in my life.
We cannot separate
'Cause you're part of me.
And though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen.


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On My Own Lyrics

I can't believe that I'm here in this place again
How did I manage to mess up one more time?
This pattern seems to be the story of my life
Should have learned this lesson by the thousandth time.

'Cause I promised myself I wouldn't fall
But here I've fallen
I guess I'm not as strong as I thought
All I can do is cry to you.

Oh God you have to save me
You're my last and only hope
All my right answers fail me
I can't seem to make it on my own.

Always thought that I would be strong enough
What made all of them fall couldn't take me down
Yeah, did I think that I was above it all?
I have learned that pride comes before the fall

I can't promise myself that I won't fall
'Cause here I've fallen
I know I'm not as strong as I thought
All I can do is cry to you.




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Pedestal Lyrics

You're the coolest person
That I have ever seen
So perfect with your pretty face
On the TV screen

You're a god I know it
How you stand above them all
You are my perfect person
Man I'd hate to see you fall

I want someone to believe in
Yeah well don't we all
In this life of imperfection
I need someone who won't fall

Got a magazine today
That was full of you
Shocked to read the words they said
Tell me they're not true

Add you to my fallen list
One more has hit the ground
The fault was mine
I held you too high
Your only way was down


I can't deny this need inside
I have to find the perfect one
But I wonder if behind my need
There might just be a reason

Is my life just one big searching
For the one I can adore?
It never works
And I'm just left here wanting more

Could it be this hunger's there
To drive me to the one
Who's worthy of all worship?
Would my searching then be done?


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She Walked Away Lyrics

She couldn't take one more day
Home was more her prison now
Independence called out
She had to get it

A fight was all she needed
To give her reason
She slammed the door with no goodbye
And knew that it was time

Now she's driving to fast
She didn't care to glance behind
And through her tears she laughed
It's time to kiss the past goodbye

I'm finally on my own
Don't try to tell me no
There's so much more for me
Just watch what I will be

She walked away
Couldn't say why she was leaving
She walked away
She left all she had believed in

Not a day goes by
For the ones she's left behind
They're always asking why?
And thoughts of her consume her mind

God please let her know
The love we tried to show
We'd promise anything
If you'd just bring her home


Tell her we love her
Tell her she's wanted
And one more thing God
Tell her please, come home
Please, come home

Chorus (2x)

The choice is yours alone now
Tell me how this story....ends

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Surrender Lyrics

My hands hold safely to my dreams

Clutching tightly not one has fallen.

So many years I've shaped each one

Reflecting my heart, showing who I am.

Now you're asking me to show

What I'm holding Oh so tightly.

Can't open my hand; can't let go

Does it matter?

Should I show you?

Can't you let me go?


Surrender, surrender

You whisper gently

You say I will be free

I know but can't you see

My dreams are me, My dreams are me

Say you have a plan for me

And that you want the best for my life.

Told me the world has yet to see

What you can do with one

That's committed to your call.

I know of course what I should do

That I can't hold these dreams forever.

But if I give them now to you

Will you take them

Away forever?

Or can I dream again?

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You Led Me Lyrics

Good morning
The night is over and gone
I thought once
This dark would last for so long

Pre Chorus
Feel the sunlight
On my face
You have brought me
Through this place

Jesus, Jesus You found me
Through the long night you led me
You set me free

Do you see
Just what you've done in my life?
You gave me
More then I hoped for; now I

Pre Chorus

feel your sunlight
On my face
You have brought me
Through this place


Pre Chorus


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