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Baby Looney Tunes: Born to Sing -- 20 Mother Goose Parodies

Artist: Kirk Franklin

Songs on "Baby Looney Tunes: Born to Sing -- 20 Mother Goose Parodies" Album

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A-Twisket, A-Twasket [A-Tisket, A-Tasket]
Baby Bunny [Kookaburra]
Born to Sing
Chew a Crunchy Carrot [Sing a Song of Sixpense]
Coyote [Clementine]
D-A-F-F-Y [B-I-N-G-O]
Does Your Tongue Hang Low? [Do Your Ears Hang Low?]
Downwind of the Old Mill Stream [Down by the Old Mill Stream]
Foghorn's Talkin' in the Barnyard [I've Been Working on the Railroad]
He'll Be Zoomin' Round the Mountain [She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mounta
Hickory Dickory Duck
Johns Jacob Jingle-Elmer Fudd [John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt]
Little Elmer Fudd [Little Bunny Foo-Foo]
Looney Riddle [The Riddle]
Mary Had a Baby Duck [Mary Had a Little Lamb]
Over in the Burrow [Over in the Meadow]
Poor Man [This Poor Man]
Pop! Goes the Puddy [Pop! Goes the Weasel]
Twinkle, Baby Looney Star [Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star]
When Loonies Get Together

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