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Awesome Wonder

Artist: Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers

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Awesome Wonder - View Awesome Wonder Lyrics

Awesome Wonder Lyrics

You are an awesome wonder
No other power compare to you
Perfect in all your ways,every day,faithful ever true
Ocens applaud you, creations declare your grandeur
Here in your splendor, we surrender
To the wonder of your power
With just on thought you made Heaven and Eartb
Knew my name before my birth
Knows what lies in store for me
You designed my destiny
And as we come before you now in your presence we will bow
We submit ourselves to thee And to your awesome deity

You said let there be then darkenss turned to light
Even death bows in your might, Kings and Queens submit to thee
And proclaim your majesty
You reached down and took clay in your hand
And fashioned it into man
We stand in awe of what you have done, oh God the awesome one

When I consider all the works thy hands have made
My soul cries out how great thou art
The heavens and the firmanent declare the greatness of thy power

Lord you've got omnipotent power
The greatest power known to man
Omni present
Your strong and your might
Mighty in battle
You're faithful and true with your power you conquered deqath Hell and the brave
Can't no body do me like you

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