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Awaiting Your Reply

Artist: Resurrection Band

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Awaiting Your Reply - View Awaiting Your Reply Lyrics

Awaiting Your Reply Lyrics

A voice on the other end said
"Where in the world have you been"
I said "I been all around,
But I ain't seen a thing"
I was lying in my bed
Trying to arrange my head
When a letter came in from Him
Saying I was dead
It was signed in blood, it was mailed
Into my heart
Though the channel was clear,
I didn't want to hear, it made me worried
When you're out with the boys
Walking paranoid, and all your toys
Make you discouraged,
It's really sad you know
When you've nothing to show,
And there it reads on the bottom line
"I love you...awaiting your reply"
Why did He have to word it like that
Why can't He let me be
It was bad enough that He offered His love,
But why did He fry my head with that last line
"Awaiting your reply"
I could laugh in the face of life
I could laugh in the face of lies
But I knew I couldn't keep Him waiting-
I had so little time
So I called Him up
Asked for Him by name
He passed me the ticket
And I boarded the plane
We pulled out onto the airport runway
We began to climb as the whole world exploded
I'd just asked Him for His lifeline
The blood, the blood of Jesus is His lifeline
So sit down and read His letter
His love is clearly defined
When you're done with His words
You won't forget what you've heard
And in His love, He'll haunt you day and night
"Awaiting your reply"

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