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Awaiting Your Reply

Artist: Rez

Songs on "Awaiting Your Reply" Album

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Waves - View Waves Lyrics

Waves Lyrics

We see wave after wave of people in the street
Playing their songs, but missing the beat
People, oh people why can't you understand?
Fools with no disguises and love so close at hand
When will you begin to recieve the love of God?
Jesus wants to touch you, enfold you with his love
Look into your life and tell me what you see
Don't you realize what He offers is for free?

I know that there's a heaven and soon I'll be there
No lying, no crying, no fear
If you wanna join us, you can come along
With His blood He bought you and to Him you'll belong...come along

We see wave after wave of sailors everyday
Drowning in the surf of their sorrow
We're reachin' out to you, pointing to the way
He'll give you a better tomorrow
And those of our friends, who know the King is your King keep shinin' till we meet again
Shinin' till we meet again

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