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Artist: Resurrection Band

Songs on "Autograph" Album

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Autograph - View Autograph Lyrics

Autograph Lyrics

I said, "Sign here please," and You inscribed
Your Name in my heart
Didn't know what I was getting into
Or what was getting into me for that matter
A little slow to understand,
Love was the word I was after
So Your name kept coming to my lips,
Again and again
Now I understand,
He wahted the heart of thos world
You're His Signature, the very Stamp of His Soul
Spirit in the wind, agony of the cross all told
Signed in blood

Forgery, it happens all the time
Your truth ain't even on their minds
Though it's written down in black and white blood-red
Jesus is up from the dead
And I know that he's coming again
Your autograph
Touching the heart of my world
Your signature in me
The mark of your soul
Spirit im my heart
Crosses of love my goal
I want to be clear and bold
Your autograph

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