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Author of My Praise

Artist: Gospel Music Workshop of America Women of Worship

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Author of My Praise - View Author of My Praise Lyrics

Author of My Praise Lyrics

For everything you are I give you praise
And with a grateful heart our hands are raised
I go to you in worship and I exalt your name
Lord you are the author of my praise

For the blessing of life this morning
You deserve praise
You gave me the strength just to make it
Through another day
Even when I don't deserve it
You keep blessing me any way
And the least I can do is give you praise

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2
So may times you've rescued me
When I call out your name
And even when I turn my back on you
You're always the same
Lord I know you love me
You prove it over and over again
The least that I can do is give you praise

I lift my hands in praise
With a heart that's grateful
For all that you are and what you've done
I give thanks, I give thanks

Hallelujah, thank you Lord Jesus
You made a way for me
(Repeat out take it up twice)

Hallelujah, thank you Lord Jesus

You made a way

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