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Author Of My Life

Artist: Phil Joel

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Author Of My Life - View Author Of My Life Lyrics

Author Of My Life Lyrics

Things aren't exactly what I thought they would be
I won't pretend disappointments never free
The sky's on fire, feels like the sky's on fire

I may be young but I'm feeling old
Like somebody borrowed years and I found out they got sold
But I still love You, though my sky's on fire

To the Author of life
Be the Author of my life
To the Author do you hear me sing?
Hear me sing!

Swallow my pride, let go inside
Show me Your way, refine me
And I'll still love You
Though my sky's on fire


I see You've been hanging in there
Looking back I've been running everywhere
I've done it my way for far too long
Now like, like I promised You years before
All I have is Yours
All I have is Yours


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