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Artist: Bleach

Songs on "Audio/visual" Album

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All To You (Bleach 99 Album Version)
Epidermis Girl (Space Album Version)
Get Up (Astronomy Album Version)
Girlfriend In A Coma
Good To Be Alive
Jaded Now (Astronomy Album Version)
Must Be Divine
Perfect Family - View Perfect Family Lyrics
Sufficient/Knocked Out
Sun Stands Still (Bleach 99 Album Version)
Super Good Feeling (Static Album Version)
What Will Your Anthem Be (Bleach 99 Album Version)

Perfect Family Lyrics

There was this boy, his name was Jerry.
He had a girl, her name was Sally.
They were so happy, so much in love.
Drank Coca-Cola in his mini bus.
A few years later, they got married.
They had two kids and a dog named Spot.
They were so happy, so much in love.
Put their kids to bed and went and watched Ben Hur.
The perfect family, Jerry and Sally (repeat).
Sally and Jerry have sure been through a lot.
But they remember their promise to God.
Jerry's getting older now, losing his hair.
Losing his teeth, but Sally doesn't care.

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