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Artist: Strongarm

Songs on "Atonement" Album

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Count The Cost - View Count The Cost Lyrics
Division - View Division Lyrics
Gates Of Atonement - View Gates Of Atonement Lyrics
Innocence Lost - View Innocence Lost Lyrics
Remaining - View Remaining Lyrics
Stand Together
Strengthened In Faith - View Strengthened In Faith Lyrics
Take This Hand - View Take This Hand Lyrics
Trials - View Trials Lyrics

Count The Cost Lyrics

count yourselves worthy to suffer loss brought down held back marvel not that the world hates you if you were of it it would hold you high but as it hated Christ it hates those that follow him not withholding pride not withstanding right unashamed we rise to the name of Christ keep yourselves pure for the renewing of your minds to be a light in deed and word for this is life for this is love abiding in the will of the Father count the cost suffering all lost in the name of Christ take up your cross looking to that which is unseen to our eternal hope not moved by the things of this world our redemption draws near the end is in sight hold true Christian brethren to these promises of life

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Division Lyrics

failure in short can be defined by an unwillingness to learn from a past mistake with every decision there is a condition and in every choice a price to pay as we carry on in this day and age the hardships that befall us for our mind set often come from misunderstanding turned judgment and so we are separated and labeled outcasts intolerant short-sighted narrow-minded unfairly held to an unfair vice but we cannot compromise what we believe even though it brings condemnation it will come again persecution this division amongst men only causes dissent the distance between us is merely difference if we do not have regard for a mutual respect who will benefit this separates man this age of anger is choking itself these hands have killed this age of anger is choking itself they shall surely do it again this age of anger is shedding its own these hands must learn

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Gates Of Atonement Lyrics

a time to mourn this world cries out in despair to overrun by adversity decision is given to it and although seeing does not see the evils that consume its desire(s) these crimes cry for a redeemer left to grieve it suffers in sorrow for even though hearing it does not hear every time i die is it in vain hands held out in misery grasping for a breath of hope but none can be ushered in as it crucifies itself hidden amongst the anguish is the key to comfort a release in an hour of need help in a time of tribulation dying to its own reaping what its sown these tears to teach the tears i weep fall to the sufferings for souls thereof ive cried till blood to offer as a covering a time to heal all is not lost in this endless hour as there is time for everything this too shall pass away this that this world faces is merely momentary this affliction works patience into experience we wait to be saved by a hope

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Innocence Lost Lyrics

just one time for this precious one let there be life let there be love compassion fails it falls asleep as they die in their youth arise a rescue from death for a life there's just one chance for this child in your hands taken its future when given the choice but this child is sacred its blood let us believe what no one can see is a life sacrificed for selfish reasons a broken bond between mother and child forsaken mercy for inconvenience a selfish choice a precious loss regret for this unborn child put to death still grace abounds forsaken mercies still grace abounds a life of regret still grace abounds

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Remaining Lyrics

not a tie to this world above its reproach i laugh in the face of the folly it gives way to remaining strong in and true to you oh Lord Your commands guide my paths they keep me pure hopelessly trying to break my stand but i am blind to these worthless attempts at me the weakness i overcome has now become my strength the strength i have in you what i did for pleasure has been brought to task i will never slide denying the foolish ways of my past what i once partook of is cleansed at last ive seen the truth ive seen the light this revelation i now fight

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Strengthened In Faith Lyrics

men prepared for battle brought on by greed obeying their their leaders not questioning their authority stories of honor glory untold wars weve waged what does man learn the things weve faced in the past are to better our future we must gain from their loss even daily soul upon soul prepares for battle every day brings conflict to refine us what does it mean to better ourselves we must stand the tests of time accomplishing the perfecting of our lives an understanding of what is right accepting our allotment in this life these days are numbered rooted in turmoil we must fight the good fight man against man is only a symptom mans violent nature hand in hand with hatred we must rise up realize the true problem aware of attack the trying of our hearts every day brings a spiritual battle not exceeding anyones limitations to purify us so that we may be prepared for the next though we become weary it has been granted unto us the ability to remain loyal unshaken in spirit for those strengthened in faith all things work for good hope for tomorrow the perfecting of the saints

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Take This Hand Lyrics

return from your slumber reprobate in mind consequence abandoned your hands teach hatred and your mouth speaks lies divorced from conviction defilement the firstfruits of your heart though peace has touched your spirit slowly dies inside uplift yourself when the light shines where do the shadows cast do they reveal fear and frustration these downfalls we all have in common face this pain resolve this strife take this hand

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Trials Lyrics

again and again i struggle with my shortcomings my strength my soul weary of this i have to face the pain of my fault within these tests these trials the marks i miss what do i gain what is the benefit of self-indulgence the darkness reveals itself i must commit to absolving it my fault my weakness torments myself why should i sacrifice my dignity the purpose of these trials holds peace for those that seek it the secrets of wisdom truth and life to this one must look what does it profit a man to release his will to that which tries this soul a test a trial a blessing in disguise offered to all that ask in time it shall be revealed beyond that which is seen beyond a mans understanding.

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