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As The Beat Play

Artist: Divine-SLK

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As The Beat Play - View As The Beat Play Lyrics

As The Beat Play Lyrics


As the beat play
Wave your hands in the air
Bounce your head to this
And give me and ooh yea

Rap 1

As the beat play to set the scene yall
Bet you never heard the gospel sound like this
We bout take this music to a whole new level
A new dimension spreading and hitting every nation
Representing the father of creation
Jehova-Jira the great I am that I am
So everybody, everywhere, where ever you maybe
In the club in the pub or having a cup of tea
We here to stand strong and make this proclamation
Believe in Jesus Christ the risen resurrection
For he is the way, the truth and the light
No man can stand against his power and might (aaaarrrrhhhh)
So if you hearing this and feeling what we saying
Turn the stereo up and blaze this track
Yep, yep, yep just like that
Turn it up turn it up yall just like that


Rap 2

Yo pass the mic its time to let the world know
How we blessed young youths really like to flow
Straight from the dirty, dirty cleansed with the holy, holy.
Yo it like everything we do is tight, with anointing
That makes us reach new heights, its not quite like,
Anything you heard before its the new flow
So we spread it all like doe you know,
Aint no stopping what we doing as we keep the beat playing
In the name of the heavenly father, name above all other,
Who is closer than a brother, so!
Keep the beat playing and dont disappoint me
Get up off your feet stop trying to act a G
Why you hating me just because Im holy,
Jesus died for you and for me see,
Its time to get back, back to reality,
So act heavenly, holy and purely
Through this you will become holy


Rap 3

I aint here to entertain
Im here to tell the truth
They aint no one better unless you got proof,
We be the young evangelists on a new mission
We hit every single track right on precision
By the grace of God our divine on inspiration
Every beat a tribute to his one holy ntion
Thats right we git the beat on lock down
Been appointed by the father and anointed by the spirt
To spread the gospel through this beats that you hearing
So if hearing this and feeling what we saying
Turn the stereo up and blaze this track
Yea, yea just like that
Yep, yep, yep just like that

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