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As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy

Artist: As I Lay Dying

Songs on "As I Lay Dying/American Tragedy" Album

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Illusion - View Illusion Lyrics
Reinvention - View Reinvention Lyrics

Illusion Lyrics

How could I ever go back
Back to the life
Where I lived amongst the dead
Who have forgotten how to feel
And become slaves to memory
And wishful thinking
But your love has set me free
As you awaken every star
That has been sleeping
In the constellation of my soul
How could I go back to live amongst the dead
Those who imprisoned beauty
I never want to leave your arms
So I wait in hope for your embrace
Illusions of what I thought was love
Now I have clear sight to see
That I have left nothing behind

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Reinvention Lyrics

You brought existence
To what I never thought could be
A world where eternity finds description
I followed a dream only to be left in reality
You reminded me of the unexplainable
And then reshaped me by your beauty
Knowing you has reinvented love in my heart
The perfection of loves' true existence
Experienced for the first time
I tried so hard to wake from this dream
But instead realized that I never fell asleep

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