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Armageddon Massive

Artist: The Dingees

Songs on "Armageddon Massive" Album

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Another Burnin' City - View Another Burnin' City Lyrics
Another Burnin' City
Bullet Proof - View Bullet Proof Lyrics
Carry On With The Countdown - View Carry On With The Countdown Lyrics
Chaos Control - View Chaos Control Lyrics
Could Be Worse - View Could Be Worse Lyrics
Dead Man - View Dead Man Lyrics
Escape To L.A. - View Escape To L.A. Lyrics
Ghetto Box Smash - View Ghetto Box Smash Lyrics
Rebel Youth - View Rebel Youth Lyrics
Workin' Man's Blues - View Workin' Man's Blues Lyrics
Workin' Man's Blues

Another Burnin' City Lyrics

Up in the house on top of the hill You look around and the scene surreal There ain't a cop out on the corner There isn't a need the program is over Now they got us conducting their conditions Can't speak out or cause opposition Don't fly off the handle cuz majority rules The less that you push the more they can pull Information on the tube It's all you need to know Don't let 'em teach or try and stretch you Cuz you'll break the mold if you start to grow You'll be content in a burning city Watch it go down in flames You lie dead in a burning city Cuz you thought it okay To live your life this w

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Bullet Proof Lyrics

Homeboys got some drugs pumpin' though his veins You know, he just ain't thinkin' the same Gonna feel like Superman today, faster than a bullet more power than a train Now he feels like he can fly, he finds the stairs and begins to climb As he steps out onto the's more a mess He thinks he's bulletproof Skinhead girl come dance with me Your boyfriend wants to kill me and he's seven foot three If this were a jungle he'd be swingin' from a tree If this were a ring I'd be out by round 3 Cuz I looked your way now he wanna black my eye You won't calm him down no matter how hard you try My face is feelin' sore and he turns back to's more a mess He thinks he's bulletpro

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Carry On With The Countdown Lyrics

Carry on with the countdown Carry on with a gun in hand Carry on with the countdown Carry on in the sinkin' sand Carry on with the countdown Carry on at a point blank range Carry on the leaderman You ain't never gonna change a thing I'm the voice shoutin' out in the concrete jungle Carry on with the countdown Pay no mind to the conscience thought Carry on with the meltdown Carry on the way that we ought Carry on at ground zero There ain't no time to be the hero When there's a bomb in your front lawn And I say carry, carry, carry, carry

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Chaos Control Lyrics

There's a few cars out at 2 o'clock, the limousine, me, and the patrol cop Everything seems white in the middle of the night Always get that feeling that things ain't quite right The man on the beach now he wants to start a fight Won't give him what he wants to feed the stereotype The man in the shop said it's all about hype I just can't believe it It's just a little bit of chaos under quite a bit control A little left of center been the only thing I know Just a little bit of chaos under quite a bit control It's such a large town to get so far Maybe I'm neurotic it just seems bizarre Company cars compete speedin' up the concrete Earn a steady income and then become a deadbeat Underneath the streetlight wait and watch the rat race Fellowman don't like ya, decides to put ya in your place Always runnin' scared cuz you don't understand No way for you to see it? Does it make you mad that we live this way Are you feeling rather frantic, did we ruin your day Who heeds the voice of the generation that's ahead To be slavin' like a servant I'll be better off dead Are you feeling rather frantic, gonna be oka

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Could Be Worse Lyrics

Cops chase criminals though the subways The less fortunate lie on the tracks It's no wonder they'll amount to nothing They've been told they're just a product of chance Skyscrapers shut the citizens in The rest'll run them to the ground Stripped straight of their dignity Without making a sound Tied to the tracks Belt down the barricades Cuz their lives they tether off time Dead and buried are the proud and brave Convenience and nobility got no reason or rhyme All the zombies in the three piece suits Sucking brains while in cahoots with the deadman cutting corners to survive Steppin' on the faces of those of us still alive War torn media fill the subways They got the criminals tied to the tracks It's no wonder they'll amount to nothing They've been told they're just a product of chance Skyscrapers shut the citizens in The rest'll run them to the ground Stripped straight of their dignity Without making a sou

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Dead Man Lyrics

Once a part of the ruling elite Now just second class All those things they promised me Now have come to pass I feel like I missed a train or watched it go right by Now I wish for one more chance one more shot at life Oh, I'm a deadman I've heard of liberation and deliverance But I've never felt no chains sitting up on the fence I used to be afraid of dying Now I realize dying was the easiest part Now I'm afraid of time Careful to watch for the man Who shows no dignity Come with a scheme and a plan Came to persecute me I lay my soul among lions Their tongues are sharper than swords To speak they breathe forth fire And got me pinned to the flo

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Escape To L.A. Lyrics

Ghetto fight yah don't wanna start a riot yet No not alone or in these clothes But they just won't listen to me Maybe I'm too young or down right naive Ain't got no time for your rigid rules Ain't got no time for the gutter or to booze I made the escape to L.A. I can't just run away I got to think about tomorrow and the very next day Ghetto fight yah don't wanna start a riot yet No not alone or in these clothes The old town wanted me to stay But I knew that it's only gonna have its way They scrub the streets cuz they're filthy Can't trust no one cuz they're all guilty So I sit and overheat surrounded by the sound of the city street Red light on the wall now it makes me think about Who got the culprit and who got the shake What you gonna do when you're thrown back in jail Don't worry 'bout the rent now you gotta pay bail There's that girl down on Nuclear Blvd. Got a guy outside her window and he's beating up the yard He can't sleep on the street Here come the HBT They're gonna give him the swe

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Ghetto Box Smash Lyrics

Pop culture, pop there went my brain One more shot like that could blow the whole mainframe Too much worthless information inside my head They gotcha coughin' every coined phrase This new gadjets got you amazed It's hard to find a thought though this haze I don't call it gain, I call it craze Pop culture, stop before I lose my mind If I hear that song played one more time I'm gonna drop the box out a twelve story window How do I counter the culture or bring back an attack when it's put a dent inside my brain with a complimentry coca-cola baseball bat? Round 'em up, take a count of the heads Run us out and leave us for dead Now they wanna broadcast me on the airwaves We'll se

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Rebel Youth Lyrics

Rebel youth we're knockin' down the aristocrats Watch 'em fall watch 'em fall They hit the ground with the domino effect Day after day week after week Month after month year after year All the ones supposedly leadin' Are looking down on us with fear They want control they need control They're afraid to lose all they stole They've seen the scene become much too large The rebel youth won't keep corrupt in charge Now we're goin' into battle with a sling and a stone Climbing up and over barriers that we've never known So take a brick and smash it into the wall Becuz the harder they come you know the bigger the fa

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Workin' Man's Blues Lyrics

The 1,2 beat it drives it rocks the radio It lets me know I'm alive and there's some place to go Hijack a van turn up the stereo And don't cease to drive until I let you know It's a 45 straight pace to Los Angeles So sick of shruggin' and smilin' about the way it is None of this scene left in me In a flash I abandon all responsibility It's time I left this town You know how right it sounds If I gotta stick around We'll burn it to the ground The one two beat it drives it rocks the radio It's the same old line different scenario To make a living doin' something we dream Like giving tattoos in your bedroom Now my head starts to scream You know I can't spend today or the rest of my life Pushin' buttons singing blues while drivin' home at night What you got on our show why don't you get up and go Don't cease to drive until I let ya kn

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