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Are We There Yet?

Artist: John Reuben

Songs on "Are We There Yet?" Album

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Divine Inspiration Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girlies
From Upper-class America to minimum-wage employees
Wherever you are, wherever youre at
From Columbus Ohio to your point on the map
Its that kid John Reuben, mic checkin one, twon
MCs get the boot when they claim to be the shoe in
nothing new

Everybody wanna be a superstar MC
As for me, I find better things in which to place my energy
Diverse family, we up and at em full fashion
Been locked up in the lab mixin up this contraption
Smackin the mic with verbs and nouns of life
I utilize my time right to hold it down and keep it tight
And then decipher that I step through
Yeshua equals life so I dont separate the two
True peace 'n joy, more love to the connector
Illuminate your town as we hit your sector

Everywhere we rock, everywhere we go
Every type of thought, every type of show
We got divine inspiration, we got divine inspiration

Well, let me come into the track, yes ya'll
Bring it on back, yes ya'll
One time for the mental piece release
Mos def John Reuben will decrease
Christ increased inspired lyrics hit your soul direct blow
How we communicate graf DJ and break
Take a minute, now listen and dissect the intuition
More than ear candy but yo, I dwell in submission
to Heavenly powers, hours on end I spend
Lookin for creative combinations to blend
Now thats a good combination, thats a good combination


In the place to be bringin it out like...
Like dots, I connect my rhymes to the spot
Warp speed like Im trekky, to bang heads of block
To rock, to petrify, combust with mad rush
More cool than that J to bring that cold crush
Transcend, runnin through this whole scheme
Seen with raps, stay fresh, more ultra to the V
Im clutching microphones and roamin thru them zones
And melodies I release serk ambassadors and vocal tones
Shooting missiles from the lab, I contract, bust verbal raps
Ripping, torn thru, and spilling into laps,
douse lyricals with divine divinity
To rise above the normal mediocre plain MC
Let me introduce cause I feel Im rev'd and heated
In a state of mass destruct MCs like they never existed
Seein stars, like Im spangle in your banner
Christian manner, b-boy for Christ, roaring like Im Judah


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Do Not Lyrics

do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock
(wait, hold up, this is my favorite part)
do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock
do not tell me what i can and cannot do when i rock

(you know what man? you pay five bucks to come in here
to just stand in the back and act like youre too "hard" to
enjoy yourself! Well actually I didn't have to pay)

to each his own correctin don't select my flavor
while see them in the back critiquin' my behavior now
tryin' to take creation and me to fit his mold
he yelled out sellout but maybe he wasn't told
so let me tell this shallow mind why we do what we do
I create for the creator but not to impress you ok
I'll challenge your thinkin' but not to test you
you might not like me, I'll still say "God bless you"
and this trust issue, it's all love n' respect

and honestly bro I don't think that 's too much to expect
but too many times your shallow mind will keep you caught
you can't escape your thinkin' all you've ever been taught
is that you walk this way
you talk this way
you front this way
you pose this way
you react this way
na, na that ain't me
I got to be who God created me to be

semichorus:do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock

why is it as humans we cling on to only what we know
never expanding and stepping out our comfort zone (uhhh)
we walk alone and then roam in ignorance
they turn back around and use it as a defense
for shallowness this seems to be a concern
cuz not knowin' is an excuse for those who willin' to learn

Alright I need all people in the front to the back,
the back to the front, Lets get down, we gon do it like this

do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock
original material my crew nonstop
we're keepin' it fly we'll turn it out
ya'll feelin' some of that? no doubt!

do not stereotype the individual
cuz what you hear in your stereo is not the typical
stereoypes get broken now when I'm provokin'
new levels of thought so leave the shallow minds open
cats approachin' me without no lack or no clue
I understand though bro, see someone's been training you
to think like you think and act like you do
its' getting old not like it should have ever been new
but as long as shallowness exists I shall assist
to rip apart the whole structure and expose the nucleus
shallowness exists I shall persist to rip
apart the whole structure and expose it for what it is

lack of understanding lack of communication
lack of a desire for expanding education
lack of inspiration lack of innovation
the fact you can't respect another mans creation
lack of motiviation lack of restoration
the fact we lack unity and enjoy separation
lack of destination because you know what I feel
I feel that humans lack the ability to be real
yes yes yessss yesssss yessss yesssss!!!!
(chorus 'till fade)

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Draw Near Lyrics

Death wispers words of defeat in my ear
My God I draw near, my God I draw near

God of creation here I stand
I've left babylon to find out who I am
I've traveled I've struggled I've failed in vain
My own ability will never see eternal gain
God of creation it's you whom I seek
Lord I feel strapped n tied down and my strenght is weak
Oh Lord when I cry out please hear what I speak
Bring life to my body awaken this sleep


When all vanishes and I stand in this
place to face the truth for what it is
With no human esacpe to hide behind
just my soul n God and I find it mind blowing
Knowin that humanity and a mere mortal man like me
Can have my slate cleaned of mistakes and
the chance to put on immortality
Even though darkness has hardened us in
deception and spoken otherwise
Man I refuse to take in that nonsense, and
i refuse to buy into these lies
These lies of pain, these lies of shame,
these lies of complete disfunction

This lie of hopelessness that will make a
person feel like they're nothing
This lie that will make me feel like my
struggle is one too much to fix'n
Isn't that what darkness wants for me to
play the role of a victim
But I'm a child of light and no longer
am I bound by slavery
I say oh death were is your sting
And oh hades where's your victory?

Hear my cry oh God
Attend to my prayer
From the end of the earth I will cry to you
When my heart's overwhelmed I will cry to you
Leave it to the rock that is higher than I
For you have been a shelter for me
I will abide in your time forever
My God I draw near, my God I draw near


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Gather In Lyrics

I John Reuben on behalf of the forgotten, I stopped in
To keep it in your memory tightly locked in, remember me
240 lb from back then, way back, why what who where when
Well, two decades in the makin, take it all in
From the kid of my life, I felt drawn in
Not many could see quite what I saw then
Young kid, free style, studyhall-in
Way before I hit the microphone brawlin
Way before I ever started yes yall in
I knew to get live, it was my callin
I had a fresh vibe on all fours crawlin

(add lib)Gather in and get down
(add lib)Gather in and get down
(add lib)Gather in and get down
(add lib)Gather in and get down

So much energy, so much force
Movin to the rhythm rockin till my voice gets sore
Bust now, whered that come from yall, wheres the shooa
Yall feelin me yet, bet, lets set the
course and get the blood circulatin
When the beat starts breakin, the people start shakin

And I start communicatin, are you feelin me yet
God given inspiration got me in imagination
And its reeling me bet, bet, better than best
Fresher than fresh, man, from highth to depth, right to left
We keep your hands up in the air and say what
And keep em up and say what, say what

I, John Reuben, on behalf of the forgotten,
I stopped in to build it
Give me a room full of hyperactive children
Forget the Ritalin, man I want em rowdy, come on and crowd me
When I choose to use my voice loudly
Shall we get down, immediately, how we get down, somality
Mos definitely fresh as can be the best in me
The pop a recipe for curin the g now what they see
We rockin steadily incredible melody

Motivated from the animated side tellin me, compellin me
Tellin me to rock, and yo the track is hot
And I am ready to get live even if youre not
Just pick out the spot and bring em all in
Party people get down while the turntables spin
After its done, my man, we do it up again
Because Im sure by then well have a second whim

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Hello Ego Lyrics

hello there ego why it's a displeasure to meet ya
to be honest bro I really don't know how to treat ya
greet ya with a pound but you want more than dat
and to be honest I really don't know how to act
i hear the blah blah blahblah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah
man I watch your ego spoil for thinkin you're
fresher than all else

face full of perspiration from sweatin yourself
lettin yourself act like a fool man look
i don't care about your personalized hip-hop rule book
took another man's thoughts on rules for the microphone
how can I respect your opinion when it's not your own
known fact you have an ego you need to lose it
cuz if you're so real why you tryin so hard to prove it
it should just be and if it is then we don't need
a constant reminder that you're the dopest mc

so you're the illest - so you're the dopest
so you're the slickest man why you tellin me this
in one ear and out the next all i keep on hearing is
blah blah blah ....................

hello there ego can I call you out for what you are
john doe status but you're fronting superstar
more like super far from reality
but I guess it's trendy to make it look like actuality
now let me see too many claim where they want to be
and not where they're at
i'll call your front and all those who got your back
let it be known clone mimicks nah you won't last
you don't have a future cuz you didn't have a past
so in the present please don't get perturbed

if I pay no attention to you and your pointless idle words
cuz time is precious and I have better things to do
than waste my energy on hearing you brag about you
recyclin hip-hop the same old same old
how you're so fresh and all else is stale n' old
it's getting old plus man I've heard it all before
pointless verses covered up in metaphors
now catchin rec is one thing that's cool to express
but there's only so many ways that you can tell me
you're the best

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Him Her He She Lyrics

Well I'm a John Reuben from the land or corn
Columbus, Ohio that's where I was born in
By mom Kathleen on January 14
1979 I entered the scene lookin' like
Hello mother girl what's goin' on

One moment I'll be here and then the next I'll be gone
But while I'm chillin' out there's somethings I'd like to see
Like some sanity, some family and some diversity
Well look at me in a flash my time's passed and I've aged
Adrenaline within me has got me up on the stage
Lookin' for ways to amaze and light up
the place it was me and nine other mc's called the showcase
Ten immature young bucks run amuck,
throwin' out whatever's clever and just hopin' it stuck
What what what's goin' on there moving
to the beat, I guess that's why we have no choice but to keep

Chorus: x 2
We makin' fresh vibes bringin' fresh songs
Man we keepin' it fresh hopin' that ya'll come along
Goin' with him, her, he or she

I'm sayin' him, her, he or she
A John Reuben gotta lotta somethin' for everybody
Step into the party tardy in fashion
Up in here this year quite clear with a passion
To make it happen and I'm loving life
fact see God is good and I won't backtrack
But move forward bendin' words in ways not thought possible
See any beat is rockable this feelin' is unstoppable

Because the mind is full of creative energy
I'm not leavin' tonight until my brain is empty
Thoughts pour out as I skillfully explore out
Routes n' patterns in which to flex
raps I'm gatherin' kids from all directions, multicomplexions
You feelin' this then add a pound to the collection
Another session yes I'm there move back
bring in the boom sti cat to boom ta boom cat
Like that we keep it simple n' fresh like yes ya'll yes

Chorus: x 2

I got eight bars to fill in
So it's time for me to start skillin'
N' it's time for me to start illin'
Party people in the back cold chillin'
All people get live n' all people get live n' energize with me
All people get live n' energize with me

Chorus: x 2

We go with him, her, he or she
Him, her, he or she ( x 5 )
Him, her, he

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Identify Lyrics

Trained to fail before I could walk
Now I'm undoing 20 years of lies I've been taught
Not always easy let the past be forgot,
when memories keep you caught
Let's travel back, now hold up stop, why
Cuz if I dwell on the past I get focussed to who I'm not
I strive to stay away but that ain't easy
When who I was wants to control my destiny testing me
Man, it's got me tripping
its in these moments of despair I feel my foundation's slipping
Its starts ripping leaving me broken
Now I'm completely confused and I'm vulnerable and open
I try to run, but who am I running from?
See, what within myself this battle has come
So basically, You say it's up to me
Cuz I'm my greatest ally or my worst enemy

I stepped out of my body to let God slide in
Although I'm still dressed in flesh I spiritually died in
Alive in Christ, a new creation started breathing
Life exists and through this came completion (x2)

Get your mind body and soul under control
Who am I? Identify
Who are You? All is new

I feel like my soul keeps challenging my spirit
And my spirit keeps challenging my soul
Which ever one I choose to excersize the most
Will be the one to obtain control
Man, I feel like I got multi-personalities
I dabble in multi-mentalities
My own thoughts hold me captive in a world of confusion
As the monipulation increases gradually
Now If a lies placed before me and I buy into it
Then am i responsible for the deception?
If I have no acceptance
Who's to blame for these feelings of rejection?
Man I bring these feelings of confusion
I challenge all that my heart believes
I'm the one that drags my past up from the grave
telling myself I wont succeed


I'm not that person anymore!!!
Thats what blood was shed for,
Living life more abundantly,
Therefore you'll never see me living less than victory!!!!

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Jezebel Lyrics

First glimpse, instant attraction
She acted as if my interest was a common reaction
Took satisfaction in knowin she was beautiful
She twisted up the blessing and she used it as a tool
Of manipulation, yet I was blinder at aim
She was very athletic, but yet excelled at the mind game
Lame excuse, but its the truth, come on, I mean
I was young and naive and wouldve believed anything
When it came to sweetheart, she had me wrapped
Around her little finger and my mind was tapped
But none the less, Im the fault obviously
I was confused and chose stupidity over patiently waiting
I mean how could I not see that tryin to
fill a God-sized void with her
Would only leave me empty, but I did it
And like a stupid human I fell
By the way, whats her name
I think they call her Jezebel

Jezebel, who? Jezebel, man, who is she, what is she?
Man, its hard to tell
Jezebel, who? Jezebel, come on, what is she about?

Second glimpse, still attracted, but Im not quite sure
Been playin games with Jezebel, but now I question what for
Before, it was a motivation, now, its not clear
Now Im askin myself, Reuben, whos the one at fault here
See, Im the fool so why do I remain
In a relationship with all to loose, yet nothing to gain
Except headache, heartache, and an occasional where you been
Pssssssst, Jezebel, whered you hear that (from a friend)
Frontin Godliness, I say hey miss, youre posin
You love material things, but youre favorites sheepskin clothin
So then what can I say, her charm fades by the day
And Im askin the Good Lord, whatever twisted me to stay
Straight for a moment, now its time to let go
Though my willpowers weak, man, theres one thing that I know
That greater is he thats in me than he whos in this world
and it wasnt the he in me that hooked it up with this girl

Life must go on, the dawn of a new day was risin
I opened up my eyes and then I started realizin
That my vision was blurred so there will be no third glimpse
After two and a half, I think I came to my sense
So with this, I think its time that we parted
And dismiss somethin we should never started
So miss, I guess Ill say farewell
One last time for the books, her name was what?

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Place to Be Lyrics

Yep, too clean

??? Voice:
And here we go, here we go

Alright, guys, we got one chance. once chance, folks, do do this.
This is our chance to shine, and let's put it to rhyme,
and let's put it to the mind,
and let's put it to the test. God Bless
so here we go, check it-

You know, uh, we are steppin to the party, the place to be
OK, the crowd is packed, and people lookin at we
like the mic's on the stand, Speedy, you know what to do
stepped on stage, hey you

Yo, greetings earthlings, i'm on a search for a team of elohim
fiends seen (indistinguishable mumbling)
and i recite for, as I recite for Heavenly riches
plus to spread the Gospel
and poison ivy when it itches
which is wrote in Acts 1:8
never debate when i'm quotin the omnipotent
never promotin tooth decay by way of teeth nashin'
mics i'm clashin like the classic flights of Ben Franklin's kites
lightnings bolts of light strike men
that they might see my good works, then
Glorify He who rolls from earth to Heaven
yo, i think it's evident, Christ takes residence
in hearts of benevolence
when God is speaking, yo we give Him reverence
we can wash and rinse in fragrance (aw, i messed it up)

John: Fragrance, ah, that's cool that's cool

Speedy: Fragrance, ya like that? ah, that's ok, that's ok.
what you think it is?

John: But it's a Freestyle, I like that.
place to be, the place to be, the place to be
because we step into the party the place to be
ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand, and Transcend know what to do,
Alan know what to do, hey you hey you

Um, i said it before, Transcend five-foot-four
walkin in, steppin in through Todd Collins' door
in the studio rockin from here to beat next to Monday
Tuesday kid, we might chill on Sunday,
but Saturday we're eatin Grits in the morning at Shoney's
Transcend rockin it, but not for the money
Truly the skill, bustin it at will
like i said it before, send me the bill
for hip-hop is the one I truly love,
God is truly above rockin,
keepin it cool to the end of the -- Ahhh!

John: Step into the party, the place to be
ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
Like the mic's on the stand and

?????? Voice: John Reuben know what to do!
BG ??? Voice: Reuben you know what to do!

John: right right right I know to do
and what they want me to do is come through
and have a little fun
John Reuben a little bit lanky
a little six-foot-one
havin' a good time everytime without a care
look at me i got crazy fluffy little jewish hair
because i'm a jewish kid, call me the messianic
everytime i grab the microphone it's lyrics like Tonic
'cuz you take it in, and then you want a little more
what step through the door, hardcore metaphor,
not speakin' when i'm tweakin'
yo these whack emcees they be reakin
but let's not talk about the whack,
let's talk about myself for a minute
so get in it
John Reuben about to spin it
for the crowd to go infinite times, infinite rhymes
infinite line after line, from the top of the mind,
each and every tile, style, pile, file (indistinguishable mumbling)

step into the party the place to be
ok the crowd is packed and people lookin at we
like the mic's on the stand,
and y'all know what to do, so we stepped on staaaage

???? Voice: and what happened?

John: On stage, and the mic was on.
the mic was on. the mic was on
so i turned the microphone on and i said a little somethin'
a little somethin'
i said turned the microphone on and we said a little somethin'
it was the place to be, in the space to be,
too much energy and nothin can we do wastefully
because creativity runs through my B-O-D-Y
Don't ask questions, i'm just stressin,
then God Blessin' and addressin' the
(indistinguishable mumbling)

alright peeps, we're outta here

??? Voice: Beautiful

??? Voice: Aw, Cue!

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X-Ray Lyrics

broken reality theres no means of escape
broken reality lookin' to leave this mind-state
but the more that i leave the harder it seems i come back
now im livin' out these lies that i call my trap
and i call it that cuz i didnt do this intentionaly
what i now call my trap i used to call my fantasy
and why do i fantasize in order to leave the reality
of not being able to relate personally or socially
somtimes i wonder what it would be like to be respected
but until then i'll dream about bein' accepted
i wonder what it would feel like to be respected

all wrong no right no one no sun no light
this life this fight i'll hide
inside no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside.

man somebody get me out of this place
of loneliness hopelessness depression and disgrace
at this pace i'm on the verge of self-destruction
with nothin' to go on but my self instruction
so what does that leave me
i try to communicate with the world but none of you out
there could perceive me
so instead of words i began to express through actions
so anger n rage become my mere satisfaction
hate fills my being i'm seeing no means of release
so i escape into my fantasy where i live in peace
here i can be anybody i want to here i can be anybody i choose too
here in this place i feel good theres no restriction this place
is so good that its becoming my addiction

i say im not lost but why am i searching
i say pain dont fade me but then again why am i hurtin
i say i wont show emotion but yet
i cant hide these eyes that have been stained by tears
i say i cant be help back but yet ive
been in the same place for years
i say i wanna go free but something keeps me bound
i say i wanna go higher but my feet havent left the ground
man i told ya'll i didnt care but then
again why is my heart so heavy
i told the world to bring it but deep down i knew i wasnt ready
i said i couldnt be deceived meanwhile im
walking into the same old traps
i said i couldnt be broke as i watch my world collapse
watch my world collapse

no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where you go you cant escape whats inside
no matter where i go
(repeat 2x)

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