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Arcane Path

Artist: Sympathy

Songs on "Arcane Path" Album

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Adept Arcana - View Adept Arcana Lyrics
Adorned In Apostasy - View Adorned In Apostasy Lyrics
Bearing The Plague - View Bearing The Plague Lyrics
In Mine Own Image - View In Mine Own Image Lyrics
Introduction - View Introduction Lyrics
Lord Of All Terrors - View Lord Of All Terrors Lyrics
Love Me And Despair - View Love Me And Despair Lyrics
Realm Of Disease - View Realm Of Disease Lyrics
Surrounded By The Dead - View Surrounded By The Dead Lyrics
The Red League - View The Red League Lyrics
The Shining Ones - View The Shining Ones Lyrics
Twilight And Rebirth - View Twilight And Rebirth Lyrics

Adept Arcana Lyrics

The fire that leaves no scars sears my flesh
it fills me with fear and wonder

an heir to the secret power
an heir to the flame
I am adept in the ancient
well versed in the arcane

the blood of the chosen flows within me
it fills me with strength and passion

as fire, through my veins
the knowledge I've acquired
it burns and consumes me
and reveals what eyes can't see

as a furnace fueled with flame
the power that I've acquired
it permeates and animates me
and raises me to transcendency

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Adorned In Apostasy Lyrics

city of man, built by thieves, arrayed in splendor
stealing away the souls of men for your own pleasure
casting down their spent lives, you eat their flesh
consuming all, redeeming none, filled with death

church of wealth, built by blood, filled with pain
raping your own little ones for cursed gain
cannibal, entrap your prey, consume your fill
helpless, they relied on you to protect their youth

have you not secured the lowest regions of hell

have you not secured the lowest regions of hell
has this not ensured your endless torment

the distraught you leave in your own wake of chaos
they shall one day arise and rip your flesh
then will their angels rejoice in their justice
on that day will the grave take the apostate
that day shall wounded souls deal their torment

do not go unto her all you who are weary
for your soul shall find only decay, torment, disease and ill
nor offer to her your soothing comforts
for evil has purchase of her heart and she has become forsaken

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Bearing The Plague Lyrics

my flesh bears the plague
unleashed by man
corruption prevails
consume this body with decay
its tendrils are lithe
piercing within
to the spectral heart of man
my mind burns with fire
unbound in my soul
corruption prevails
to fill my heart with hate
is it disease
or is it become
inseparable from me?

enslaved to the passion
ignited within
tasting the power
of this depravity

Am I
Am I the master
of my own
Am I
Am I the pawn
of this plague that I bear
have I
have I be born
as the
as the scion
of hate
of my hate
and this infirmity

my flesh writhes with disease
my mind rots with dementia
my will embraces desolation
the love of decay consumes me

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In Mine Own Image Lyrics

with anthropomorphic certainty
I enthrone my deity
inevitable reality
raised within mine own mind
in the resemblance of me
god is my will's extrusion
it is I who has created him
and my will shall be done
should I not worship him
and so honor myself

and when I bow
I praise the one
to whom I give

the pleasure that I feel in worship is my own
the prayers of my heart are offered to myself
how could I not
create myself as god
the substance of my faith is grounded in desire
the essence of my faith is the form of myself
how can I escape
this emotive state

I adorned myself with jewels
with gold and finery
clothe myself in purple
I raise myself an altar
petition my desires
there is no god unless I am he

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Introduction Lyrics


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Lord Of All Terrors Lyrics

can the mind of man withstand the terrors
of the unseen world,
and his flesh endure the radiance
yet not be consumed?
has the gate not opened by the keys of
solomon who
sought the power
of the unknown horrors

yet amongst the beasts
that dwell beyond us
is the ancient Lord of Terrors
whose hand is long
when his burning eye which never tires
is upon us
we feel the ancient power and
the horrors he commands

cast about his throne are ancient armies
he destroyed when
they withstood him, worshiped demons
and lifted up their bael
how could lowly dagon bear the terror
that consumed him
the god did scream
as he was devoured

cast not upon the Lord of Terrors
can your will bind his ancient power
he who rules over the realms of chaos
he whose lidless eye never grows tired

for amid the wretched fires of moloch did the
scourge of wrath
destroy and burn
his immortal flesh away
and the howls of ammon feral demon
have been silenced
and his flame has been extinguished
his power stolen away

the high places are in ruin
from his molten wrath
burning as a furnace
gods withstood him not
and they shrunk in horror
as he destroyed them all

upon this infected earth
filled with immortal blood
ancient powers have fallen
though the gate is opened
by the keys of Solomon
the powers live in fear of the flame

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Love Me And Despair Lyrics

welcome to my lair
where I have slain the mighty
and tasted the blood of the righteous
the ashes and remains
of their rotted flesh
is fetid on the breath of my mouth

I am the tempter
the alluring lech and harlot
I call as a siren unto all
come and taste
of my wine and secret pleasures
surrender your will unto me

embrace the night
to share my gifts
bow unto me
love me and despair

I am the lust
that festers like a wound
and poisons your mind with every thought
I am the hunger
that weakens your resolve
and consumes your heart and soul

I offer you all the pleasures of your flesh
just bow and give your worship to me
I offer you all the luxury of wealth
just swear your allegiance to me
I will give you all your heart desires
but you will be bound unto me

abandon all hope
ye who enter here
for mine is the gateway to hell
my snares will entangle
and my claws grip your flesh
and you will become my thrall

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Realm Of Disease Lyrics

Bonus Track.

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Surrounded By The Dead Lyrics

the ancient dead have surrounded me
their fleshless hands are upholding me
such a great cloud of the dead elect
they held the flame, passed it unto me
tortured and killed by heathen hands
facing their death, they did not recant
I can endure and remain to the end
I am a nexus for the dead and man

tasting death and tasting sorrows
yet they did endure
facing torment, facing judgment
yet I shall endure
I am promised my own portion
of the weight they bore
I embrace the pain and suffering
for me that's assured

the ancient dead have surrounded me and they strengthen me
their fleshless hands are upholding me with their firm grasp
their lives were spent for the hidden truths that belong to me
I am one of the few who was chosen for this arcane path

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The Red League Lyrics

hidden in the groves
where once burned pagan fires
the chosen ones have gathered to perform
the rites of ancient scriptures
founded in the blood
of our martyred dead

all about the darkened night
lit only by our fires
the acolytes are summoned
we complete our ancient task
to spill immortal blood
all will satisfy their thirst and drink

gathered in the presence
of the ancient one
I will partake in deity

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The Shining Ones Lyrics

shrouded in obscurity, forces of divinity
burning light and majesty
beyond apprehension, empirical cognition
servants of the immortal throne
ever acting for the will of enthroned deity
never ceasing, never tiring
endless execution of their obscure rites
before the altar of the ancient one

as the shining ones to thee pay their homage
I shall bend my knee in fervent worship
I will take the oath that there shall be no other
and with this flesh, may your will be done

their visages are as the burning light of purity
terror and fear beyond compare
the beating of their wings is the roaring of the ocean
their ardor belongs to the lord of sabaoth
songs never cease to ring throughout the temple
as the smoke from the altar fills the air
their voices sound like the crushing weight of thunder
as their hordes sing praise to the ancient one

hordes, of fiery creatures, of ancient beings, that eyes can't see
droves, of mighty warriors, almighty's agents, defend the chosen
hosts, of divine legions, the dread armies, serve my master
swarms, surrounding me, upholding me, protecting me

As the shining ones to thee pay their homage
I shall bend my knee in fervent worship
I shall take the coal unto me that is offered
and with its fire shall this flesh be cleansed

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Twilight And Rebirth Lyrics

when I in the season of autumn in my life
I expect to die and pass on from death to life
though this flesh rots and decays and falls from the bone
the lot of my days won't be to lie in the grave

the worm down in the earth consumes not my essence
the grave, the tomb, holds no sway on me, impotent
sinews reknit and joints made anew, mind awake
this corpse will live not to die or grow sick again

in my twilight hour I am assured that though I die
I will face to face see the ancient one
and in my rebirth I shall arise to taste of life
and death will have no victory

when my hour has come to pass on and I meet death
I will awake in the ancient halls of glory
and when mighty legions go forth to purge the earth
my flesh will groan in the grave for its time has come

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