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Arbor Day

Artist: The Lads

Songs on "Arbor Day" Album

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Arbor Day - View Arbor Day Lyrics
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Arbor Day Lyrics

Looking out your window
Dreaming of somewhere far away
Your life is going nowhere
And its just another boring day
Vicious cycles drive you insane
You go up and down like a yo-yo
Another day is passing you by
Youre all dressed up with nowhere to go

Youre looking for a reason
Some way to start again
Look no further, look no further
Here it comes

Its Arbor Day (come out and play)
Plant a tree today (new life to stay)
Its Arbor Day (todays the day)
So dont delay (theres another way)

Too many weeds in your garden
Grabbing hold and pulling you down
Its time to clear your section
Take your spade and make a hole in the ground
Plant these seeds inside you
Turn the sprinkler on inside your brain
Metamorphasize you
Theyll bring back life again

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Cactis Song Lyrics

There are five cacti on my window sill
And a bonsai tree, living happily - together
In any kind of weather, they get along

At first I was surprised to see how they were faring
With all those shapes and sizes, youd think thered be some staring
But they didnt seem to mind, that some were much too tall
No condescending looks were cast at those who were still small

Wont catch these prickly friends of mine comparing shades of green
Or having silly arguments about differences between them
On the whole theyre quite accepting, when all is said and done
Theyre a group of individuals reaching out towards the sun

They get along

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Hey Flower Lyrics

Hey flower, dancing in the breeze
You have a power, brings me to my knees
Like a face thats beaming in a crowd of frowns
Youre a verb thats screaming in a bunch of nouns
Like a razor blade, like a garden spade
You dug down deep inside me, cut straight to my heart
Like a long-term loan, like your own cell phone
I wanna be beside you; cause youre the one I love

You have a beauty, that warms the coldest day
And youre such a cutie, you could melt the snow away
If you worked late nights, on check-out number nine
Do you know that Id fight, just to get into your line
Like a treasure chest, like the great wild west
A spirit of adventure, a heart thats made of gold
When youre old and grey, and your teeth decay
I wanna be beside you; cause youre the one I love

Youre the one that I love
Youre the one, not a two or a three
Baby you are for me
Youre the one that I love

Sometimes so gentle, when you touch my face
Sometimes so mental, I think that youre from outer-space
But Im like a Klingon, stuck to your wind screen
I have been pulled in, by your tractor beam
Youre an answered prayer, someone thats there
Who really wants to know me, really wants to care
And when youre in need, like a friend indeed
I wanna be beside you, cause youre the one I love

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Higher Love Lyrics

You walk in your front door
Youre hearing the sounds of war
Theres no use to keep the score
So youre walking back out your front door

But theres a higher love
Can make a new tomorrow
Higher love

You know that theres no way
No chance, back off, no way
It breaks your heart to stay
So you walk, you dont need this today

Im too confused
This place is too cruel
Wont someone tell me something true
Im too confused
This place is too cruel
Wont someone tell me something true
Someone tell me the truth
Im too confused
Someone tell me
Tell me the truth
I tell you the truth

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I Want To Be Faithful Lyrics

(V1) I cant imagine what it must have felt like Passing by the faces of your friends You hear the voice of the crowd He must be crucified You gave your whole life for me Im giving my whole life to you (V2) In your innocence you chose to suffer When all along you knew youd be betrayed Laid down your life You died to set me free You gave your whole life for me Im giving my whole life to you (PC) Well I wont walk away from your Spirit Away from your love Cause every time a decision is made Between your gain or loss I wanna lose my life for you Take up my cross (CH) I wanna be faithful (V3) And in those crisis situations When it hurts so much to follow you Give me the strength To walk on down that road (V4) Ive come to bear this cup of suffering There are things that you must put to death So that your life may be revealed in me (BRIDGE) Not gonna turn away Tempted to betray When you need me to be true Im gonna stand by you And stick like glue Until the very e

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Into The Light Lyrics

Her little heart was broken
With the bottle on the floor
Standing in the doorway
Of a fathers drunken war
Just another casualty
And the tears began to flow
No-one else to turn to
And nowhere left to go

So she ran to hide
She ran deep inside herself
Built a wall around her
That no one could get by

The loneliness consumed her
She could not let them near
The thought of trusting anyone
Filled her head with fear
Behind the bars that held her
She made a silent prayer
Is anybody out there
Does anybody care?

You can come into the light
And leave the darkness in the night
With each step Hell break the chains
And set you free and heal the pain
You will learn to trust the hand
That leads you to the promised land
There are some who watch you grow
Who really care, who want to know

Its painful to remember
Things youve tried to leave behind
To believe it could be different
When the past was so unkind
And its hard to learn to trust
When hurt is all youve ever known
But believe me when I say that
You dont have to walk alone

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Jesus (Part 1) Lyrics

Im calling you
Calling you from my dark room
Where I cannot see
Where I cannot see
And the sheets feel cold
As they clench me close
As they crush the spirit, that harbours life
For Im lonely as the world presses in
As the thief comes to steal my love
Theres an emptiness inside me
Inside us all
So I cry to you

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Lord I cry to you
Youre the one who can hear me
And Im tired of this world,
Youre the one who can save me
My Lord, my God, my friend
My hope, my strength, my destiny
Lord I cry to you, Lord I need you now
Come and save me Lord
Come and be my Saviour

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Jesus (Part 2) Lyrics

Artist: The Lads
Album: Arbor Day
Song: Jesus (Part 2)

No matter what Ive done
Your love remains the same
When I think theres no one
You pick me up again

You wash me, with your love
You mend me, my broken heart
When Im with you
I feel free

I lift my voice and say that I love you
Thank you Lord for your goodness to me
Theres no one else who loves me like you do
You give me hope and you set me free

Like a new day dawning
You give me hope to see
When I woke this morning
I knew you were with me

Closer, with your warmth
Nearer, with your strength
I see you loving me

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On The Road Lyrics

Hurting people everywhere it seems
The beating heart of life ripped from our dreams
So we try to mend the seams
We hold on desperately to what weve got
Our sex life, drugs, our friends no matter what
So it seems that love is there, life is here
But its disappeared

On the road that Im going
On the road that I choose today
Theres a river that is flowing
Though the road is long
The currents of hope are strong

A man called Jesus Christ once strangely said
That life would surely come if wed be dead
For that reason He bled
Death is when we give up all weve got
Lay down our guns, let Jesus call the shots
Then I know that love comes in, life begins
Itll never end

I could let it slip
I could let it fall
See it slide away
Say I dont care at all
See my world come crashing down
And my dreams trampled on the floor
But my minds made up
I wont go that way any more

On the road that Im going
On the road that I choose today (its a narrow way)
Theres a river that is flowing
Though theres a price to pay
Youre gonna experience pain either way
Why not turn around, see the power of God surround
Turn around

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Sont For Richard Lyrics

Going home on a bus
I met a man, we began to discuss
Hed been married to his girl for a while
Hey there Dickie, Hows your chickie?
He looked real sad at me and said
Shed left him all alone with a bone
And his little dog Fred
Seems she found love
In another mans bed and said
Try to understand, that this wasnt planned
I just have to obey what feels right for today

Yeah I know what I believe in
And if my world falls down
Jesus still remains

Going out Friday night
With a crowd we were loud
Looked out of sight
Wed been good friends for a little while now
Hey there Johnny, whats so funny?
Laughed as he began to pour
Another beer, with a cheer
He would skull a few more
Said he loved life as he threw up on the floor
I just wanna be free to enjoy things for me yeah,
Try to have as much fun as my life comes undone.

Yeah, I know what I believe in
And if my world falls down
Jesus still remains
Yeah, Hes someone who Im trusting
Id never leave Him now,
Cause he will never change

See us all sinking down and our heads spinning round
Looking for solid ground for a light to surround
But theres a truth to be found, theres a beckoning sound
I believe, I believe, I believe

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