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Anyway You Bless Me

Artist: Hezekiah Walker

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Anyway You Bless Me - View Anyway You Bless Me Lyrics

Anyway You Bless Me Lyrics

Anyway You bless me,
I'll be satisified
You can wipe the tears from my eyes
And put joy inside
Anyway You bless me,
I won't complain
The power of Your spirit said
It would ease the pain
Anyway, Anyway,
I'll be satisified

(He) Blessed my going out
And my coming in
Put Your spirit round about
And Your (great) joy within

Anyway, Anyway I'll be satisfied
Anyway, Anyway You bless me
Anyway, Anyway I'll be satisfied

Say anyway
You Bless Me,
Anyway You bless Me
(repeat as necessary- follow director's lead)

I'll be satisfied!!!

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