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Artist: Antithesis

Songs on "Antithesis" Album

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Breeding The Beast - View Breeding The Beast Lyrics
Limbo - View Limbo Lyrics
Netherworld - View Netherworld Lyrics
Plastic - View Plastic Lyrics
Secret Fires - View Secret Fires Lyrics
Sword Of Mouth - View Sword Of Mouth Lyrics
The Curse - View The Curse Lyrics
The Web - View The Web Lyrics

Breeding The Beast Lyrics

God's cruel joke has blown up in our face
Damned from creation, mankind a great mistake
Man had a purpose, obey the laws in stone
But man in his defiance, had made laws of his own

Risen from the clay and dirt
Man was born unto the earth
Master of his destiny, blessed his divinity

Man has a free will to whatever he may choose
Man has a conscience he chooses not to use
Man has the knowledge to envision and create
To mastermind barbaric crimes and violent acts of hate

So graceful and articulate yet morbid and grotesque
Instead of moving forward man seems to have digressed

The lion licks his chops and sinks his teeth into his prey
The vultures over top strip clean the bones of the remains
So cruel and so savage, the nature of the beast
The nature of mankind, more brutal than the feast

Man is not an animal, too advanced to be evolved
Modern man a breed much worse
Modern man is a monster

Hopeless, it's sad but true, we are hopeless
We had our chance, we turn our backs
Now it's too late. We cannot save ourselves
We can't take back what we've done
We can't bring back what is gone

Hope, pray, somehow, someday
Mankind will change and try to be
More human

We live our lives fearing ourselves
All species beneath us will fear us as well

Man chokes the sky and poisons the sea
Makes waste of this world of which God make him King

God help us all, from grace we will fall
And in our plummet we reveal our many flaws
Man rapes the world in order to progress
Our careless ways will end with our collapse

Try seeing the world through our children's eyes
We leave behind a legacy of lies
Man is a plague, a pestilence that breeds
Bastard offspring inherit wicked deeds

Man is not an animal, too advanced to be evolved
What have we become?
Breeders of beasts

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Limbo Lyrics

Etched in marble, scarred in memory
Meet thy maker be thy judge
Life so precious you have taken
God have mercy on thy soul

Death, the doorway to a new life
Passing through the tunnels' light
At the end a soul is weeping
Heaven's gates have been denied

Damn thy soul to roam in limbo
Sins upon thy shoulders weighed
Exiled angels fall from grace
With fractured wings aflame

In this realm there are no boundaries
Step beyond into unknown
Live as shadow, one with darkness
Walk among the wailing souls

To take thy own life, the ultimate sin
Death is no escape, a new life begins

Thou art Godforsaken, thou must seek forgiveness
Merciful thy judgement, so it shall be done
For one thousand years, thou must seek redemption
As an apparition, stuck between dimensions

In limbo, to roam in spirit
A shadow, at one with darkness

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Netherworld Lyrics

Tossing, turning, restless
Can not sleep
Drenched in perspiration
Dampened sheets
Nestled in nocturnal darkness lay
Reeling, my subconscious
Mind at play

Drifting, fading, falling
Losing grasp
Clinching, gritting, grinding
Teeth I gnash
Astroplaning dreamscapes
I survey
Out of body, spirit floats away
Half asleep, half awake
Upon the edge of twilight
Past the gate, past the maze
Guided by your mind's eye

Exit the realm of reality
Opening the doors of perception
Through the corridors
Of the labyrinth
Enter the limbic void

Drawn to moaning voices
Calling out my name
I walk into a room
I thought from which they came
Bodies wrapped in orgies
Writhe in mortal lust
Sculptured figures made of flesh
Turn into dust

Right before my eyes
Changed the scenery
As the floor falls out
From beneath me
Sucked through a hole to an infinity
Into the vast unknown

Tormented cries of those
Cast into the abyss
The screams descend
And hallow in eternal pitch
The vacuum vortex
Swallows souls
In swirling stew
Into the belly of
Leviathan they spew-
That's when I woke up

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Plastic Lyrics

Who are you to judge like you're a some kind of saint
I tell it like it is, you tell it like it ain't
I go by what I know, you go by what you hear
Preach your hypocrisy to someone else's ear
You make me laugh how you perform for your peers
I'm not amused, your acting bores me to tears

You sit on your throne, your flock, merely clones
Deemed king for a day, a self proclaimed savior
Upon your pedestal high

You symbolize all I despise, you and your kind
You represent all I resent, your state of mind
You symbolize all I despise, you perpetrate
You represent all I resent, you are a fake

Contradictions, insert foot in mouth, the truth is out
You truly believe that no one perceives you to be
A deceiver you are

Open your eyes, you haven't got a clue
Behind your back, your peers are mocking you

Look around you, who can you trust - no one
Cover is blown

Judas and Brutus are waiting in line...
With daggers behind their backs

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Secret Fires Lyrics

Shadows hug the walls
Whispering, breathing
On my face

Tell me of forbidden dreams
Help me help you
Make them true confessions
Let me know my secret's safe with you

Speechless, only body language
Translates our emotions

Lying, here beside you
Undressed feelings exposed
Are now expressed

Tell me all of your desires
Tell me yours are mine to keep
Lighting secret fires
Moans in morning hours
Know not sleep

Trusting, exchanging vows
Two liars chancing
We commit ourselves in lust

Knowing, soon the dawn
Will end our evening
We will count the hours
We have spent
Lighting secret fires

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Sword Of Mouth Lyrics

I'm stupid, impotent
My feelings aren't important
I'm useless, worthless
Nobody, good for nothing
We argue so often
I guess I'm good for something

Chew me out
Bite my head off
Spit it out

Take it out on me
Set your demons free
Wounded verbally
Scarred internally

Words can wound
Words can scar
Words of war
Words are swords

Accuse me, it's my fault
I'm injured by your insult
Intending, offending
It's clear, I'm comprehending
The more I ignore you
The more you push the issue

Bite my lip
Shout your mouth off
Bite your tongue

Take it out on me
Set your demons free
Wound me verbally
Scar me mentally

All I do you criticize
You refuse to compromise

What's your point? Do you know?
Cut me down, that's your goal

Change the subject
Must we linger on this topic
You won't reason
I am finished
Wasting my breath

Everything is a debate
Simple things you complicate

Words can wound
Words can scar
Words of war
Words are swords

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The Curse Lyrics

I rest here on this pillar
I am a granite king
And you will bow and worship
My praises you will sing

My immortality
The reign goes on forever
The valley of the kings
Dare you to take my treasure

You dare invade my chamber
Inside a curse awaits
Unearth my sepulture
And you just sealed your fate

Mere mortals can you hear me
I do not want you here
I warn you do not trespass
In you I strike with fear

You start the excavation
Grave robbers at first light
The glint of gold is blinding
To take it only right

My patience now is ending
You now fall one by one
And few will be left standing
So shall my wrath be done

The boy king now is laughing
You fell into his trap
You risk your life for fortune
In death no turning back

You were a flesh and blood king
Like any mortal man
Your curse is just a mind game
You had no master plan

Ashes to dust you are, your spirit lost forever
Sarcophagus of gold
Remains of earthly pleasure

I leave you with this question
It's time that you decide
Was the curse for real?
Or just a curse of the mind?

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The Web Lyrics

Welcome to my parlor, with a gesture
I am lured inside
Bitten I am helpless as the poison cripples my mind
A worthy specimen chosen to be the mate
She straddles over me and offers me the bait

Caught in her web, as she consumes my head
Caught in her web, her appetite is fed

Hunger, she devours, her desire overpowers me
Stuck in disposition, I'm defenseless, I feel her sting
As she seduces me I'm kept immobilized
Bound in the ecstasy of what I fantasized

Caught in her web, as she consumes my head
Caught in her web, her appetite is fed

She wraps her legs around me
As she contorts her body
With all my strength I fight her
Constricting even tighter

I struggle, she laughs
I can't escape her grasp
I cannot endure another minute more

Mistress, dominatrix, is her fetish
Just a fatal wish
Torture gives her pleasure
She abuses from experience
Her mating ritual has merely just begun
Another victim lured, another web is spun

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