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Artist: GMWA Mass Choir

Songs on "Anticipation" Album

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Anticipation - View Anticipation Lyrics

Anticipation Lyrics

Cant wait to see Him, look upon His face,
bow down before Him, thank Him for His grace.
Shake hands with the elders, the twenty and the four,
say hello to my loved ones who fought on before.

Jesus is preparing a place just for me,
if you want to see me, in heaven I will be.

Time will be my friend, day will never end,
summer, winter, spring or fall,
wont have to come at all.



Vamp 1:
Hope to see you there,
where all the saints will be;
ooh come and go with me.

Vamp 2:
Hope to see you there,
where all the saints will be.

Ooh come and go with me
(repeat as desired)

Come and go with me.

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