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Another Night Of The Same Charade

Artist: Demise Of Eros

Songs on "Another Night Of The Same Charade" Album

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One Day To See - View One Day To See Lyrics
Smoke Rings - View Smoke Rings Lyrics
The Road I Tread - View The Road I Tread Lyrics
Truth Unlived - View Truth Unlived Lyrics

One Day To See Lyrics

I shout for you in silence But I am a long way off Longing to speak in whispers Knowing you have heard me But my voice falters again And these eyes search for you In the darkest of places My sight cannot pierce the blackness of my own heart Though hid you are still deep within Light passes through encasing darkness And these blind eyes are made to s

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Smoke Rings Lyrics

Another night of the same charade I find myself wanting her call Yet dreading the sound of the ring Have I come to love my self-imposed confinement? Do I loathe the one in the mirror or just not enough? These smoke rings remind me That I am just as hollow and undirected Winter approaches and with it come The nights of aimless wandering The sky and the temperature have nothing On this gray soul and this cold heart Desiring anything but what I know I need If there was no way into your warmth I would have let the ice in these veins Still my heart long a

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The Road I Tread Lyrics

How can I bear it any longer? A life wasted, buried in selfish regret Tired of living for that which will pass away The end of the road I tread is death and ashes All I will be is a memory A bitter one at that You laid down your life so I can finally have it That I would not waste Another of these precious moments On this frail and fleeting self Unearth my suffocated will Let me choose the path for which this life was ma

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Truth Unlived Lyrics

It is not good for man to be alone So I roam the crowds Yet the ache remains My mind assents, the crowd is untruth My spirit is not convinced So truth goes unlived Solitude, society call my name The whole of me is torn Take me where only you are Unite my fragmented soul Make me a trusting child Who can never be alo

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