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...And We Drive

Artist: Side Walk Slam

Songs on "...And We Drive" Album

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...And We Drive - View ...And We Drive Lyrics
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...And We Drive Lyrics

Here we are now On Life's highway Looking back on your mistakes No we can't take that back now It's time to learn to live day by day Chorus: And We drive (on through the night) And We drive (on pass this site) And We drive (don't look back now) So learn from your mistakes Yeah sure a catchy phrase How could I take your grace for granted? Will I ever learn anything? (Chorus) Father I'm coming back There's no other love No other lo

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All Nighter Lyrics

Open Highway, It's just me and this empty road ahead Thinking of life, thinking of home Our destination seems so far I hope we never get there Chorus: It's times like these, The little things Capture this moment in time Everyone's asleep They're dreaming deep This music it drives me farther Cool night breeze, The sky is clear The moon shines light upon this road Wyoming skyline Mountains fly by This time is ours How I feel so blessed (Choru

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Carmi Times Lyrics

It's 6am, Mainstreet Cafe's open now Hit the tower, rocked out Walked the streets till we could walk no more Sat outside the school, talked our problems down to size That time just flew by Chorus: These are the days I can't foget, I wont forget Foolish crimes and long walks Memories built in this small town These are the best days of our lives It's friday night, Black Beauty takes us for a ride Papers Fly, we'll beat the record this time we danced all night trying to avoid a fight That time just flew by (Choru

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One Of A Kind Lyrics

You're one of a kind that's for sure You take from me while all i do is give Chorus: You say the odds are not Not on your side We'll that's a lie We won't sit back and wait wait to die We'll take this fight Apologize is not in your vocabulary You were never wrong (Chorus) Will you ever grow up or always be the same old kind You'll never change You're more than i can ta

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Stand Alone Lyrics

Your fashions and trends can't pull me in There's power in numbers but i stand on my own Think for myself and do what's right Think for mysef and i won't give up this fight Chorus: So I will stand alone again Yes I will stand alone again I'll take the straight and narrow path I'll take that path and try to never look back With my eyes fixed straight ahead I'll press forward and Go where I am lead (Chorus) I'll take that pa

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Time Will Pass You By Lyrics

My life has seen changes through the years Times changing, Memories fade, it's all clear Chorus: Time will pass you by learn to live your life Old places, these faces, Same routine It's time to take chances make history (Choru

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When I'm Gone Lyrics

Five days and counting down This time it's been too long (I'm homeward bound) Everyday it's all the same Another show the same old game (this time around) Say the words I miss you so These days are going way to slow (I need you near) Letters to reach you there and show you that i still care (I care) Chorus: Sad Eyes Hide behind these lines The road will take us far but not where my heart lies and Phone calls to tell you right now I miss you when I'm gone Tired Broke all days a fight I wanna be home tonight (I'm homeward bound) I'm dreaming to see your face Another time another place (this time around) to know you're there to know you care It means the world I'll show you dear (I need you near) I'd walk these miles to see you now to hold your hand and see you smile (I care) (Choru

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