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Anam Cara (Self-titled)

Artist: Anam Cara

Songs on "Anam Cara (Self-titled)" Album

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A New Sun Rises - View A New Sun Rises Lyrics
Clenched Fists Of Desperation - View Clenched Fists Of Desperation Lyrics
Written On A Cavern Wall - View Written On A Cavern Wall Lyrics

A New Sun Rises Lyrics

waking restless and alive
these thoughts stifled for some time
let's go
dust off those shoes
grab a brush and my heart
we'll paint this town a wound of its own
those blues to red
a new sun rises overhead
we'll leave these blues for crimson red
this broken heart will mend
those doldrum days are laid to their end
won't worry about tomorrow or yesterday
regrets only bring sorrow and tonight is sorrows fall
this town won't know what hit them
like the first time i saw you

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Clenched Fists Of Desperation Lyrics

i've seen that twitch in your eye before
you can't push everyone away
i have these words to give you
this is my advice
alone is no way to go
burning bridges to set us apart
i know you need this its tugging at your heart
are you afraid to let me in
afraid together that we may win
we've come too far now we cant stop
we'll lay our stake at the mountain top
tonight the tides will turn
inside of us a fire burns
in our hearts a fire still burns
when i said forever friend i meant it

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Written On A Cavern Wall Lyrics

cut the bonds between us
let them tie the noose
lynch every heartless word you ever said
i'm frustrated looking for the best
when all that lays in front of me has been the worst
never been one to point a finger
i'll turn my back and walk away
i can't believe that after all this time
nothing held true to you
but i know where i stand
here with my heart in my hand
this is where i belong
once a roar now a whisper
i'll turn my back and walk away
this is home
this is what my heart yearns for
this is home
this is where my heart is

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