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American Standard

Artist: Every Day Life (EDL)

Songs on "American Standard" Album

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American Standard - View American Standard Lyrics
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American Standard Lyrics

Another rung up is progress in motion,
the people with the power of hope no notion
Of allowing this to become again,
where it was when we started now in our end
We all fall to the hands of the reducers,
a mouth for war as they try to succeed us
Counter parts of our own can't be trusted,
Lied, cheated, and raped then lusted

We stand as woman and man
With pride that is in our hands
By the wayside we all lie
To selfishness we die

Understand we're in a country that is to fall,
women, children, first make this our call
To alleviate all of that in which we now lie,
hate, deciet in a system that will never try
To support us all in the time we spent,
we vote them in, but ask if they'll commit
Or do they that of a pacifier,
change the truth for self gain another liar
But in the end you have a choice to make,
the lesser of two evils is still fake

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Birthright (LBC) Lyrics

The birth right of a crew out the 310.
Long Beach,CA if you're from the hills and don't know.
We've spent many years and paid many dues,
five record companies later and this all rings true.
Put into situations that felt kind of odd,
but you get what you wish when you want this to be your job.
We put a record out with minimal clout
and then the people knew what the life was all about
and as many things go all the people they requisted
to pick up every thing and move to areas untested.
One trailer, one van, in debt all the way.
Playing the east coast, bur what would happen none could say.

Coming straight our the LBC
A city with a crew so large you can't see me
To put this one the boods just incase you don't know
To ressurect out the ashes of the 310

At the LBC

Check the new Johnny Cash to hear the places that we've played,
and with all the local bands there's no doubt that we would slay.
Except for Bonedance cause we were warned to inspect ya.
Then talked to right people and now you don't get a record,
but anything we saw it all struck us as amazing.
At breakneck speed between shows highways were blazing.
When we got back the slander it all filled the dome
but you get what you wish when you want this to be your home

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Deprived Lyrics

A moment of seclusion swells into a world of fear,
within my own heart how could I perservere.
Through the tumoil of mis-directed friendship,
to dropo dead weight and let my hands through slip.
Still what's to be said of unimaginable depths,
to bond the consequences to be kept.
Is one to let them all to turn and flee or join in distrust in ill-unity.
Freedom come at the price that is to be paid, to to distance in escapade.

Bridges built of wood wood soaked in gasoline
When it's lit they burn
And that divides you and me
This love we have will over take us all
But when they burn from ignite
And downwards you will fall

Every thing that I did was self inflict, to lood inward for a way to restrict.
This encompassing need that overwhelms me.
Is all for sake or just in vanity?
Should I succumb to the force that calls out,
or cut all ties and leave only doubt,
or recruit myself a life long union.
High maintenance for success to be done.
Side by side we set forth as a pair.
How could I fare?

Downward you'll fall (4x)

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Electric Starter Lyrics

The foundation of one will rely on many.
For the sake of your thoughts a thousand pennies.
Just to tell of support that you have.
Time of crisis need not be that bad.
Don't front in times of insecurity.
Let all be, I would if you were me.
Just to stick together to survive.
Time of silence causes us to strive
to release the built up tension that leads to our deception.

You don't know the pain that I have inside I've tried to run,
from myself I can't hide
You don't know the pain that I have inside
I keep my feelings bottled up inside.

To wonder alone in crowded rooms.
Wondering if the problems will come soon,
without a chance for answered questions that lead to this,
in question that lead to the choice of impure.
Everything that you did no hope, no cure.
Hope indeed or will it be the hope for the ones in need.
You look for hope, for them you look for hope of self.
Pull ourselves from out this Hell.

We struggle and strive for recognition,
then follow suit and keep on wishing
that the people knew the way you feel.
Do what you can to define the lines that are so real
when you seek to find you return,
at every turn you must unlearn.
The society and the mind-set your end reward is regret.
No chance for the people to cry out.
Leaving people with only doubt.

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Log Off Lyrics

Breath of life diminished without reservation.
An answer to questions with this consultation.
No reply to spoken words of this end result.
Life once sweet is as bitter as salt.

Kill yourself, Kill yourself
Why don't you kill yourself
When beating hearts cease
that's when your level of interest will increase
Kill yourself, Kill yourself
Why don't you kill yourself
Why such an extremity without lack of identity

Society speaking without this forethought.
Forgetting as parents all that we've been taught,
that a mind of anger speaks without clear thinking.
Knowing not of the actions that would lead to this sinking.

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Pushing Lyrics

When they try to take whats yours,
when they try to take whats mine
When they try to take your love,
when push comes to shove PUSH BACK!

How attached to that in which you hold in your hand
And if gone the next day where would you stand
And if stolen would you fight for property lost, and if it be pride ask this
At what cost are all things of value worth the price of soul
And if possession is the law then who has control
Life gone all to the man made, pending question what price was paid

Matters of heart are not left unseen,
classified put aside, what does this mean
We've based value on simple emotion,
where does that find place without honest notion
To provide a vent of ill-gotten feeling,
that a person could be revealing
The very treasure that you hold most dear,
lost the calloused minds of the insincere

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Residence Lyrics

The place where you were born is now the place that you dwell
and what you call a home others call a living hell
just because of where you live they say you're an object middle class down town mansion or in a project no matter what the cities' done has it really run dry
the town where my grandma grew up is where she'll die
we all have to put the roots down somewhere
the people that move around from year to year just don't care
your kids need to know that the house is a home sweet home to break it down the thought is detrimental to the dome in the brain stem where the thoughts cause the hesitance
but home is where you hang your hat - a.k.a. your residence

Residence- the place in which you dwell from a living hell is a residence!

The place where you grew up is just around the corner from the park
just too bad now that they can't go out after dark
because the kids are shooting up the town every single day a gallery of moving targets when you send your kids to play and that is sad to me in fact I give it mass pity
the place where you grew up as a kid is not the same city
the parents job is to give the kids the precedence
leave this town you need a new residence

Residence-the place in which you dwell from a living hell a residence.

Roots are your home don't deny
new ideas are worth a try
in regards what's wrong or right
man can do this flee or fight pride is OK
but understand no true person is superman your domain is future tense
your environment your residence

Residence-the place in which you dwell from a living hell a residence

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Salt Circles Lyrics

We place ourselves down in a position we think is safe,
the marks of the people that walk on us leave a trace,
of where we should act then they should react.
Brought up, and beat down, and then the luster lacks,
and stacks up on the minds of the ill-content.
Not every angel sent before you is even heaven sent.
We look into the eyes of the people that follow.
Time to follow the sheep the battle's not won.

You're just a snail, but you will never see
Surrounded by the circle of salt, that's your destiny
You're just a snail, but now you'll never
Praying to God don't let the wind blow

You lay your cards down and it's a hundred and ten percent,
but then the thirty- five percent of the people who haven't spent.
The time to get to know you as a person,
they just stand behind you backstabbing and straight up cursing.
Playing you down to be something that your not.
The forked tongue of the wicked rambles off piping hot killing you softly
but you will feel the sting for ever.
when was the last time your heart had been severed.

You've fallen twenty steps back to see what's two steps ahead,
and then they kick you to the side of the road left for dead
because ther concern would be to not deal with ya.
To the rest of the open ears you know you have to paint a picture.
To open wounds and emirs them into salt,
there as stupid as chicken's, but still it's not there fault.
They just don't know what it means to take it face to face, be long after.
Yes they leave a bad taste

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Ten Little Indians Lyrics

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, dead little Indian boys
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, dead little Indian boys
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, dead little Indian boys

Fallen Christians, bring the blankets with disease on it.
Now the children die, self inflicted, bubonic

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, dead little Indian boys
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, dead little Indian boys
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, murderer
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, murderer

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Touched Lyrics

Close my eyes tight so your image won't break through
a chance that comes too soon,
to a level of intimidation I will pray for alleviation.
As it continues I can feel the hate inside,
I wish that my feelings could lie.
A victim of an act of outright selfishness,
now how could this be bliss.
I know that innocence is something that I once had,
my heart bleeds so bad.
I only inherit the filth that he calls a gift,
I try to resist but he still persists

TOUCHED, thinking of a better place while looking into his face
TOUCHED, praying to die and at the same time asking why

Ashamed of myself and my esteem is now void emotions set forth and toyed.
The thought of my beauty has become a fantasy, now I dismantle me.
How could this person of love hope to seek joy,
after all that you've done toy!
The gift you had was something that respect earned.
You couldn't discern now I hope you burn

TOUCHED, by your ignorance
RAPED, by your selfishness
HURT, by your ignorance
You know you did
You lied to me
You hurt me!

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Transcend Lyrics

Days and nights pass
and I ask myself why do I give in to dark happiness
and why try to be something that I could never be, inside of me.
I curse the daylight and pray the dark
infinity for this is where I feel peace of heart, peace of mind.
Servitude in darkness causes light to shine,
but send my regards to spectators.
They will never find their place in this abyss in which I call all mine.
A surrounding fits round pegs to round holes.
When love is on high but it seems at its most low,
this lifestyle becomes all that you foresee.
Mourning to dancing light emits this tragedy.
The circle has no beginning and it has no end,
still we lift up our arms and ask to transcend.
The circle has no beginning and it has no end,
and still we lift our voice and plea too...

Transcend, the circle has no beginning and it has no end
Transcend, still we lift up our arms and beg to...

We look now for all that could ever be,
but what could love be, purity,
inside of me still life is among us when at first we lust.
We find the faith of this darkness without little thought of trust.
Now stripped of defenses our guard let down.
We all try to climb fences then fall to the ground.
We scream ring around the roses a pocket full of posies
but when you fall down that's, when you impose on me.
For change can only come through the heart of the sincere.
Sincerity without change is never made clear.
When the things brought down by the heart unchanged
the mind-set is one next to be rearranged.
The circle has no beginning and it has no end.
Still we lift up our arms and ask to transcend.
The circle has no beginning and it has no end,
and still we lift voice and plea too...

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