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American Dream

Artist: Resurrection Band

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American Dream - View American Dream Lyrics

American Dream Lyrics

The complexity of life is a label we must wear
Snarled the vision of the dreamer
Condemned by his own dare
As a child I asked the questions
But only for their sakes
Believing there were answers
Become my one mistake

The holy morning paper
Slaps the stpes of dawn
America's doors open
Let's see what's going on
Confusion with our coffee
Fear and frosted flakes
A Shuttle offstage - a change of scene
The expose of the american dream
Watergate burglars comedy relief
Laugh at ideals survivng our griefs
It's fool's gold for gilded fools
Playing gaily with twisted rules
Hail to the families in thier tv rooms
Suicide, genocide, abortion, cartoons
Terrorism, violence, starving refugees
Conscience, crucified, reality recedes
Nuclear tyrants, computerized plan,
Holding hostage everyman
It' won' happen 1950
It may happen 1965
It will happen
Form dust to dust
Our lives fades away
We are the winds empty sighing
Vanity, all vanity
All but the cross, all but his dying

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