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Artist: a.m.Drive

Songs on "a.m.Drive" Album

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A Little More Time - View A Little More Time Lyrics
Better Off Just Me - View Better Off Just Me Lyrics
Don't Fear - View Don't Fear Lyrics
Just Let It Slide - View Just Let It Slide Lyrics
Pleasant Dreams - View Pleasant Dreams Lyrics
Send Me Your Angels - View Send Me Your Angels Lyrics
Stones - View Stones Lyrics
Won't Back Down - View Won't Back Down Lyrics

A Little More Time Lyrics

it gets hard sometimes everybody's got an arm they pull to the left and to the right your body's tired their grip's too tight and you'd think that you would know you've seen these roads before they're covered white with snow if you stand in it too long you get frostbite on your soul so just give me your time i'll trade you peace of mind i'll give you water then turn it into wine you drink the water and make your troubles mine so give me a little more time You play hard to get that's all right I get used to that like a dog wrapped in his chain you bark I set you free you get tangled up again and you'd think that you would know you've seen these roads before they're covered white with snow if you stand in it too long you get frostbite on your sou

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Better Off Just Me Lyrics

when i was young they had my life planned out I would be successfull destiny would chase me down they hang their heads in shame when i can not compete with the person they had dreamed of the man they hoped I'd be but would you want me if I were cool if i had a giant kingdom that I ruled would we go walk go hand in hand if I were handsome rich and in demand would it make a difference would you open up and see your living in a fantasy i'm better i'm better off just me she said i did not fit the plans she made that i was slightly less than who she hoped to date she speaks of love claiming to believe in fate but I'm just second best I guess I'm just second ra

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Don't Fear Lyrics

you were only twenty three i told you you could be a king you followed me for days and days and days tomorrow i'll send you on your way you told me you were afraid that better ways and better days could be arranged just let it flee like herds of swine run to the sea your mind set free from your worry So don't fear tomorrow brings another day for tears let laughter fill your smile and show your love cause with it you can almost touch the sky without it you can't survive you say there may be doubts of who I am but stick to the promises of love i give you'll see the time's at hand a dying leaf falls from a tree when wind it stirs just know in you heart and seek with your mind the kingdom will be your

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Just Let It Slide Lyrics

you make them feel wrong they already do you need to feel control that's nothing new you seem to have the answers but you haven't heard the clue it's not a prayer of correction it's patience for you just let it slide it?alright nobody's perfect although we all try so just let it slide you hurt them with your anger you express it from you eyes you say it's not your fault that comes as no surprise you pray for forgiveness you must first forgive cut loose this baggage from your sinking ship just let it slide it?alright nobody's perfect although we all try so just let it slide give up the fight you're pushing them away your grip is too tight so just let it slid

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Pleasant Dreams Lyrics

when we were young we would dress like heroes that we loved in our minds we could visit far off lands and we'd vow that the day never would it come when we'd need more than stones in our hands yeah these days go by fast as we race to the top find the quick fix shortcuts and play to win we no longer breathe and barely exist and we fear for the new day to begin yeah we fear for the new day to begin. so i close my eyes and bid you my farewell and i wish you pleasant dreams and i wish you pleasant dreams yeah yeah so pleasant dreams to you my friend to the one i know life's done well with all of the riches one could ever dream though cloaked in envy's spell that more it could never be enough and too little is much worse than it seems so i close my eyes and bid you my farewell and I wish you pleasant dreams and i wish you pleasant dreams yeah yeah tonight i go to bed in the cool summers air for tonight i walked outside and looked at God i saw his face in the stars and the moon and inside i feel his pea

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Send Me Your Angels Lyrics

joe was a carpenter made a living working wood with the tools in his hand a blue collar man he's got a family wife two kids and a van he comes home every night with concerns for his family would they always be fine so he prayed to his God for a blessing and a peace that he could not find send me your angels to watch my children grow show me you love me so I will always know that you cared enough for me to send angels of your own so send those angels home so God he spoke down from heaven and said joe now look here is the plan i can honor your request but my hope lies in trusting they will reach for my hand i can offer you my abundant love and forgiveness but the rest is up to you to be a part of my plan my right hand man so just show them your lov

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Stones Lyrics

could it be that you and me were made to breathe and show our love could it be we only bleed when someone cuts to draw our blood they say it's in love but fear is what they seek and jealousy sits on their tongue they flog our minds and prick our hearts when we're in pain our heads are hung when we're in pain our head's are hung who are we to judge are we not to love when you point there are three pointing back at you it's the love we give that defeats the sin not the stones we choose to throw you say i'm wrong to sing my song but the tune you play offends my heart cause God I seek his love i know without these we fall apart without these we fall ap

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Won't Back Down Lyrics

my God has a mighty hand as powerful as the raging sea it could heal the broken body or bring a strong man to his knees my God blows me away like a hurricane He stirs me up then calms me down leaving me insane awaken my senses to be a better man i touch the hem of his flowing robe and then I ran i keep wasting precious time on these mountains that i climb just to walk back down again to see what's on the other side with a fear of what i'll find but I will not back down i will not back down my God offers me seren- ity this apathy my identity gone leaves simplicity i rid myself of this com- placency the curiosity to be a better me opens these eyes to see time for the song to be summed up the show has been hyped up the crowd has been shocked redemption is for all it doesn't matter who you are he doesn't care about the hand that you drew and we're here to enter- tain you to rock your socks off the higher pur- pose spread his love from here to moscow separate yourself from the evil all around all we ask of you now is that you won't back dow

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