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Artist: Yellow Second

Songs on "Altitude" Album

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Chance Of Sunbreaks
Change Of Sunbreaks - View Change Of Sunbreaks Lyrics
Fall Out Of Line
Fall Out Of Time - View Fall Out Of Time Lyrics
Forget What You've Heard - View Forget What You've Heard Lyrics
Forget What You've Heard
Gravity Boots - View Gravity Boots Lyrics
Hello To Never - View Hello To Never Lyrics
I Can Awake - View I Can Awake Lyrics
Imaginary Friend - View Imaginary Friend Lyrics
Material - View Material Lyrics
Mulberry - View Mulberry Lyrics
Plume - View Plume Lyrics
Seed - View Seed Lyrics
Sihouete - View Sihouete Lyrics
Some Other Way - View Some Other Way Lyrics

Change Of Sunbreaks Lyrics

its beyond me how i could have missed
it wasnt supposed to end up like this
written all over my face
desperation and self doubt
gotta get back to a place
where the sun sometimes comes out
leave it all without a trace and drop out
say the word
im waiting, give the sign
every element of your design
out of sight
your wishes never show
say the word and just like that well go
paying for the things ive long ignored
holding on to dreams i cant afford
aspiration in arrears
leaving me pale and grim-faced
and the ever passing years
waning too few now to waste
we cant wait until it clears
so make haste

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Fall Out Of Time Lyrics

walking it hand in hand and free while youre impacted
dont you go and abandon me when im distracted
begin again and ill be fine
whatd you mean to say?
im having a most difficult time hearing you today
come on up why are you waiting?
do i have to say im sorry?
would you consider staying another day in spite
of the things ive been saying?
so i can make it right
dont fall out of line
so name the place ill meet you there
you stopped and then said
but i wasnt going anywhere, howd that get in your head?
how soon do i forget
i must be slow
havent got it yet
do what i must, i guess thats fair
but i face it with dread
can i be candid
angry and honest
insubordinate, too?
look where weve landed
see where youve brought us
im losing faith in you

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Forget What You've Heard Lyrics

i need to start up again
something to get me excited
places where ive never been
i need to begin take me through the open door
where to go cannot conceive
but i know that i cant stay here
i need somebody to see
someone to believe
that i can do something more
after a while you could forget what youve heard
another mile, but know i meant every word
stay here with me, while i am passionate yet
for i wont live a life ordinary in regret
i need the sun on my face
warm me up to the idea
quickening every pace
revealing a place
where i can be satisfied
im often in sight
i wanna be there
theres no greater height
of this im aware
never before today
even outside a dream
did so far away it seem
from where i sit a mile high
i could give up
i could go on

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Gravity Boots Lyrics

driving nowhere
driving fast
and the days are fl ying past
my momentum slows and i brake for the coming turn
circle once around the block
taking notice of the clock
it turns out of time and in spite of my will
skips a beat while my heart stands still
think youll figure it out?
think youll ever begin?
think youll ever amount to much?
do you think youll win?
gotta plan
got to devise
getting older but never wise
ive a dream that wont pay
but thats all pending
its in my debt for the years im spending give me something to say
give me something to do
something other than what i have
give me what im due

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Hello To Never Lyrics

goodbye to what if
hello to never
so long to someday too
just dig a hole
and put my coffin under how many times
have i tried to sever?
how long until im through
but if i let go
i know ill often wonder
so never run
i can think a way out of it
dont pretend to know how
but i know why
try to swim but dont sink
come up above it
treading water right now
its do or die
i know better than anyone its true
im getting on but im getting better, too
admit defeat
let down your defenses
why do you have to fight
a losing cause to find the thing youre missin?
know when youre beat and come to your senses
still, im compelled to write
without applause
and though no one will listen
give it up and get away
i shouldnt wonder
in a decade or a day
its hard to tell
give it up or get it right
im going under yeah, but not without a fight
its just as well.
i know better than anyone could guess
im getting tired of all this now, i confess
if only my art
could somehow relate
then maybe my life
would then imitate
the things id contrive
and not what i feel
but it wouldnt be right
it wouldnt be real
dont look now
theyre coming after you
dig in, though you dont know what to do
somethings gonna happen any day
but what i cant say

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I Can Awake Lyrics

this one i can beat
this one ill survive
if i could rest
with meaning replete
while hope is alive and thought suppressed
and when i look out
the universe slings
a shooting star
dont want to see doubt
i want to see things
for what they are
but if i can awake
from a dream i mistake for reality then would you let me in?
and sanity blurs
give credit to chance if it is due
the thought of it stirs me out of a trance
im coming to
afraid to be right
afraid to be wrong
too high the stakes
while up on the fence
can i see the beyond my own mistakes?
my energy is gone
and sleep is coming on
be quiet let me be
alone here with my dreams
visions of happy things
although its pointless when
i wont remember them

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Imaginary Friend Lyrics

reflecting in quiet places where you haunt
the unsuspecting
youre almost everything i want you to be
perfection undiluted found
but as for me
i cant get my head around you at all
im troubled ill wonder to the very end
why always im followed by my imaginary friend
just you run along
you havent heard a word ive said
back where you belong
confined within a book ive read
still you sing your song
and now its sticking in my head yet again
maybe im too hard to convince
lately youve started making sense
ill say
as of a recent find
youre not just in my mind
somehow i just wanna be sure
right now im somewhat insecure
i know youre calling me a friend
but tell me once again

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Material Lyrics

you know its always difficult to trace
the subtle expression moving on your face
this side of you i havent ever seen before
asking me if i ever want something more
i do
theres melody in everything you say striking a chord with me that i cant play
all cares suspend
from start to end
of your simple symphony the sound is clear
refrain sincere
do you feel the same as me?
i do

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Mulberry Lyrics

ill take the lead
catch me if you can
one final look
were never going back again
come on you cant miss
follow me and see
youre making this
harder than it has to be
its in your eyes
i cant explain
not in disguise
but not the same
do i even know you anymore?
falling apart
this i can attest
but i know your heart continues beating in your chest
when to begin?
tomorrow, so you say
i wonder when tomorrow will become today
try to pretend theres nothing wrong
are you the friend i knew so long?
further delay
should i do some more?
what could i say
that i havent said before?
if i could do
one thing, certainly
id inspire you
the way you once inspired me
consider this
the choice you make
before you bend so far you break
theres little left
of hope, i mean
the rest of it is vanishing

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Plume Lyrics

set it up
burn it down
and in vain the fires will erupt and surround
but the pain inspires
warming hands by the heat
that im doomed to repeat
again and again
beneath the spreading flame
under the poison plume
i always feel the same
whenever these thoughts i assume
youd better know your way though this
youre choking on your every care
just fi nd a way to breathe the thinning air
its a game
its a toss
probably regret it
its the same
at a loss
and i still dont get it
i think its time now to show
ive moved on
ive let go
can you feel it? can you keep it up?
can you say it?
or have you said enough?
i think ive found a way through this
im swallowing my every care
and now im breathing in a new days air

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Seed Lyrics

intent on coming clean
unfolding with the scene
and on the paper waded and tossed on the floor
she idles by and counts
the days while pressure mounts
sick with regret and fearing all tomorrow
doors once open now are shut
maybe theyre not locked yet, but
do you wonder?
is it too late?
was it worth it?
was it so great?
do you wonder how different everything might have been?
and could it be again?
i cant know how you feel
no wisdom to reveal
but its hard to see you bearing all this by yourself
wont condescend to you
theres nothing i can do
for what its worth, though, you can make it through this
broken heart and broken will
and youre not broken yet, but still
disappointed, i confess
but i dont love you any less

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Sihouete Lyrics

only your outer line
shape of my indecision
as of yet
details are undefined
true to your definition
i doubted
separated by some eclipse
found the right words
but they only died on my lips
they always die on my lips
you must be something real
remember the time its taken thought id forget
come on now, its no big deal
youd think so, but youre mistaken
im tired
and everything disconnects
but i cant wait
to find out what will happen next
tell me what happens next i always miss, inanely
what others see so plainly
it takes a time or two for me
with every color graying and every word youre saying
losing all trace of clarity

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Some Other Way Lyrics

taken back by some other way
till ive another one
still, its unnerving
this small force today
what can i say
im numb
overhead the greatest moment has come
but has fl own to high to be of use to an ordinary man
even one who tries
and although my hope does retire
hope that it might return
though by myself
i could start up a fire
the flames would no longer burn

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