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Already Done

Artist: Andretta Randle

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Already Done - View Already Done Lyrics

Already Done Lyrics

I'm Holding Fast to The Promise, to All God has spoken to me
He promised me, if I'd believe, I shall move mountains
Into the sea

Tenors- Don't you know I

Believe what he said, when he said it
It's Already Done, it's Already Done


Thy What been settled in Heaven
Now We must call those things to be
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
It is in Heaven, In Earth Shall be

Tenors- You Know i

Believe what he said when he said it,
It' Already done, It's Already Done


Andretta- It's Done Today, It's Done I Say
I Believe That it's already done
His Promises, His Word i've Read
I believe that it's Already done

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