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All The Way

Artist: Rance Allen

Songs on "All The Way" Album

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All The Way
Blessing Me Again
Cease Fire
Do Your Will - View Do Your Will Lyrics
Emma Pearl
Hold On
Honey Out Of The Rock
House Of The Lord
Jesus Can Satisfy
Living Witness
Rain On Me
Say Yes
Stay With Me
Taking It Easy
The Sweetest Name

Do Your Will Lyrics

Chorus 1:
I'm gonna do Your will,
I'm gonna do Your will.
Gonna do what you say,
gonna do it your way,
I'm gonna do your will.

Chorus 2:
I'm gonna give You praise,
my hands I'll raise.
I'm gonna do what You say,
gonna do it Your way;
I'm gonna do your will.

Somebody said hush, but I couldn't hush.
They said sit down, but I couldn't sit down.
You see, it's just like fire shut up in my bone,
even if I tried, ya'll, it just would leave me alone.
Oh, no, because in my bones........

Chorus 1


Chorus 1

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