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All Of My Life

Artist: Reeds Temple Mass Coir

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All Of My Life - View All Of My Life Lyrics

All Of My Life Lyrics

(Leader Ad libs)_Male
All of my life
Lemme tell you a story
He's been good
The Lords been might good
(Do this twice)

Leader- Female
I gotta testify
What God has done for me
Im not the same person Im not the way I used to be
He cleansed me up an gave me another chance
He's been good

Leader- Female
I remember when the day I found the lord
Lemme tell what you what happened he filed me with the holy ghost
For the rest of my days im gonna give God the praise
He's Been good
(Leader Ad libs)-Male

For the rest of my days
Gonna Give him the glory
He's been good the Lords been mighty good
(Do this twice)

He's been good X 9
He's been good X15 Take it up a whole step

The Lords Been Mighty Good!

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