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All Night All Day

Artist: Rev. Clay Evans

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All Night All Day - View All Night All Day Lyrics

All Night All Day Lyrics

All Night, All Day,
The Angels, Keep A Watching Over Me (My Lord)
All Night, All Day,
The Angels, Keep A Watching, Over Me

You Can Accuse Me,
You Can Even Abuse Me,
You Can Drive Me From The Cold
(The Angels, Keep Watching, Over Me)
You, You Can Crucify This Old Body,
Oh, But You Can Not, You Can't Touch
My Soul...
(Yes, The Angels Keep Watching... Over Me.)

I Haven't ... Been To Heaven
But... I'm Surely, I'm Surely
On My Way... Oh, (Background)
I Am Walking... With My Jesus
Every Night... And Every Day..
(Yes, The Angels, Keep Watching... Over Me.)

In The Midnight, When I Get In Trouble
When I Lay, Me Down To Sleep, Oh....
(The Angels, Keep Watching,... Over Me)
I Don't Wonder, And I Don't Have To Worry, For I Know The Lord, My Soul He'll Keep.
(The Angels, Keep Watching... Over Me)

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