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All I Know

Artist: Caedmon's Call

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All I Know - View All I Know Lyrics

All I Know Lyrics

Spit and the clay, when washed away
Gave the blind man sight
New eyes couldn't comprehend the sun
That by light ended the night
Shackled in blindness since his birth
Whose sin, was it him, what's it all worth

Now with eyes wide open they
Interrogate him
Saying who is he
Do you believe what that man is saying
Who do you say is he

All I know
Is I was blind, he said
And now I see
All I know is he healed me

I sit here today
So I say that I believe in him
Yet I cannot fathom the wind-like way
That's made me new again

Shackled in blindness since my birth
Whose sin, was it me, what's it all worth.

Now new from the womb
They interrogate me
Saying who is he
Do you believe what that book is saying
How gullible can you be

Darwin may tend to disagree
I don't know
Marx is writing a drug I need
Still I don't know
Freud analyzes in my head
Nietzsche's saying God is dead
But I'm saying

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