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Artist: Misty D. Vigil

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What I Deserve! - View What I Deserve! Lyrics

What I Deserve! Lyrics

Kanakuk, you continue to inspire me. love you guys!!

Sometimes I wonder what its like
To be living life on the other side
Please dont make me feel like I dont know
Whats out there
Proof is written in the sky
Hey wont you listen to me now
It makes no difference if I wish upon a star
The only absolute is that the word of life
Is written on my heart
Oh I believe
Yes, I believe

Hey look at me, living life for you
When its good, when its hard
You know me, you know my heart
Yea, yea, yea I give up anything at all
When you call
All I know its worth it all

I know youre scared to let me know you
I know you got a heavy kind of soul
And I know its harder to believe in love when youre
Feeling all alone
Theyre taking bets on who the lover of your soul
And your heart is gonna be
Theyre taking on all the things that get you down and out
The moment you believe
I believe in you
Yes, I believe in you

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