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Age Of Reptiles

Artist: Showbread

Songs on "Age Of Reptiles" Album

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Age Of Reptiles - View Age Of Reptiles Lyrics
Centipede Sisters - View Centipede Sisters Lyrics
Dinosaur Bones - View Dinosaur Bones Lyrics
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Naked Lunch - View Naked Lunch Lyrics
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Sing Me To Sleep - View Sing Me To Sleep Lyrics
The Jesus Lizard - View The Jesus Lizard Lyrics
Your Owls Are Hooting - View Your Owls Are Hooting Lyrics

Age Of Reptiles Lyrics

I am made of parts that freeze and ligaments that atrophy
Though they look theyll never see
They dont know somethings wrong with me
And just as well, Ill never tell whats underneath the scales
Ive worn to thin to honor you, my every effort fails
So bury me with Israel and cover up my tracks
Leave not a trace of what I was, Im never coming back
And if youre mercy falls upon he whose blood is cold
Unearth me with your hands of love and never break your hold

The world is full of ones like me
Who need to see the truth
But the truth is never truth indeed
The truth is only you

Jesus bless the crocodiles, forgive the cobras and all the snakes
Open up your arms to carry all of our mistakes
Suck the venom from every bite and vomit every drop
Some of us may bite your hand but some of us will not
And every knee will bow before you, each forked tongue confess
My selfishness will rot in me and I will seek your rest
Still some lizards fell from you, ashamed of all theyve been
So Jesus take myself from me, never bring it back again

The world is full of ones like me, who need to see the truth
But the truth is never truth indeed, the truth is only you
The world will soon become extinct, the age will pass away
And all will know that you are God, hallowed be your name

Jesus bless the crocodiles, forgive the cobras and all the snakes
Open up your arms to carry all of our mistakes
Forgive the basilisk, forgive the moccasins and adders too
Have mercy on each alligator that never lived for you
I myself hatched from an egg, no white light from above
Just another ancient serpent that never earned your love
But still you find me underneath the rocks and in the ground
I cowered there just short of air and never made a sound
Its true that Im in love with you, and even in my shame
You wipe away the imperfections and take away the pain
You wrap your loving arms around this wretched thing called me
Your love is all Ill ever need, your love has set me free

The truth is only you

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Centipede Sisters Lyrics

Im gonna shed my skin, deactivate my head
The skin that I regenerate looks like the skin that I just shed
Im better suited being typical
I keep choking down the cockroaches until I get full

A centipede! Yeah, a centipede!
The trunk moves independently of the head
Cant keep it quiet, no cant keep it quiet
The lips keep moving when the brain is dead

Dont wanna keep it down, I wanna throw it up
I just cant keep it to myself, I cant shut myself up
Dont need no honesty, it isnt half as fun
I just want to run my mouth
It makes me feel like I am someone

I dont need to meet the arch bishop
Dont need to shake hands in a roman cathedral
Just drag the garbage up out of my guts
For I am all things to all people

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Dinosaur Bones Lyrics

My bones don't click in place when I sit on the machine
Not as of late do I integrate, scarcely say what I mean
This thing was built with one of my ribs
I was there when it was given a name
But I've been overpowered by those who took it away
It doesn't even look the same
Those hired in to intervene and supervise it's size
Do plot against the weakened will before the weak ones realize
I found it's bones in my backyard, I put them on display
I set it up with leering eyes and gave it a voice to say:

I am just the voice of one who's greater than this
but I am still a sacred voice, I will not be dismissed

The bones still look out on my yard
Though the pieces are taken apart
They paint it colors I can't stand but they will not touch it's heart
They stick tacky ornaments on it and they sell it to the kids
I can barely stand to see it now
But there's still a voice in it
When I answer to the one who gave the bones to me
I want to say I cared for them, and say it honestly
Those closest to me take it away and twist it out of shape
But the voice within still rattles the bones
The voice still resonates

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George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding Lyrics

I was looking for you when I first heard the sirens
The ambulances filled the streets
The masses screamed and called for help
You were no where next to me
The soldiers came to round up the living
And take them away to somewhere thats safe
But if I cant find you theres no place to save me
If you are gone then its too late

Night turns to dawn, and dawn into day
And the land overflows with the dead
Where did I last hold you in my arms?
What was the last thing that you said?
Some hide underground, others hide in a mall
I still drag myself through the streets
I life without love my love isnt a life to me

I dont believe that love can rot away
So first aim for the heart, then aim for the head

I wept bitterly and then I threw up
Something silver washed up in my lap
This metal thing, your wedding ring
Brought all of the memories back
I remember the bite, and breaking my teeth
I remember choking it down
Eating your fingers one at a time
I left most of you there on the ground

And its there that I find you, just as you were left
Writhing you rise to your feet
You come back to my side with very few insides
Theyre still strewn about on the street

I have heard it said that love endures all things
And now I know that its true
Stronger than the grave, death cant put it out
Here I am, the walking dead, still next to you

I dont believe that love can rot away
So first aim for the heart then aim for the head
If true love last forever, then love doesnt die
It just becomes the living dead

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Naked Lunch Lyrics

I want to throw up, but for now I hold back
I cant express just how Im feeling, its true
You want to grow up, but theres a problem with that
Theres no where to go for someone whos as stunted as you
Its true that Im disgusted with myself as well
My tongue can not be tamed
Its on a fire straight from hell
I eat the dirt you kick up, and flay the chord that resonates
A gentle word I can not find a way to enunciate

You make me, you make me oh so sick
Oh so sick
You make me, yeah you know you make me
Sick, sick, sick I get sicker every day

Still your voice, pump your stomach
Set the garbage free
Oh I know you dont get drunk
You just drink socially
Your reasons are all invalids, they cant stand up
And when you talk I hear the brain cells die
So keep your mouth shut
I didnt wake up to find myself as a bug
Ive been one for much longer than I care to recall
Im not a junkie lost in interzone or under the rug
I just eat the bug powder then I climb up the wall

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Oh! Emetophobia! Lyrics

Dance with me baby, let me hear your voice
Oh if I didnt wanna fall for you I never had a choice
Smear the makeup on my face
run your fingers through my hair
I can not keep my heart from you and I dont even care
Yeah, you turn me inside out
You make me shake and I cant stop
You give new meaning to drop dead gorgeous
And Im about to drop

You are a song to me
And every note of every chord will set me free
Theres no time before you came alone
Three cheers for the end of twenty one years
Nothing else is going wrong

Reverberate and complicate my evenings and my days
And I will only love you more
I will count the ways
Dance with me and when you see my pulse beneath my skin
Its racing now, I dont know how to hold the burning in
Youve taken from me my defenses
My will is under attack
And baby when I wrap my arms around you
I feel the bones in your back

Oh yeah, your voice is like music
Its music to my ears
Im not dying anymore, Im alive baby!

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Pachycephalosaurus Lyrics

Good God, where does it end?
You have been waiting in line
To have a phone chord or a cable fed right down your throat
Dont struggle or it will bend and be a waste of time
To drain the depth of you from somewhere there
Youll only choke
What seems to be the problem? We cant dig up anything
Only dust and spit, and some pictures of you
Youre choking on the wires and still trying to sing
It seems that no one could ever love you
As much as you do

Hey misses hopeless, the world will catch up
With your intrepidness, I hope you know this
Theres no one like you, its so oppressive
You can even spell your own name, how impressive

I want what I see, I want something shiny
I want the one who stand in front of the biggest crowds
If we are to be, there will be more eyes on me
There will be more for everyone to talk about
It all leads to me, independent and free
It all comes back to who will say what I want them to say
Not complicated, keep it simply stated
Theres only so much that I can understand
Before its all wasting away

But dont forget I can have what I want
And I want to be everything and everywhere

Say Im smart, say my skirt is so short
Say Im different, say Im one of a kind
If Im on TV maybe you will love me
Theres not another reason I can find
And if you only reject, theres still these tubes in my neck
Theres still cigarettes and four letter words
And Im sure that youll pick such a plain jane
To think the world goes on without me just seems so absurd

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Sing Me To Sleep Lyrics

Something keeps me awake, something outside is stirring
Through the dark and over the grass
The rabbits and snakes are concurring
They sing in the soil and bones rattle loud
They cry out as this they do see
Someone in those walls is suffering proud
For you are worth every ache within me

I dont hear music, dont hear anything
I see dirt, I see cement
What a troubled world it is when youre outside arms length
It pulls out its teeth in dry irreverence

Come and find me on this floor
I am only a half, truth be told
Take away all the distance and say:
my beloved, Im here, and now you are whole
If I turn and see your eyes in the dark I will know the blue in an instant
Never have they gone so far
Never has your face been distant
My life I will give you like a verse and a ring
I will be your only one
And what you ask of me will be yours until all is said and done

Your heart is a song that I hear Jesus sing
It comes over oceans to me
And the notes spell out messages in vibrant streams
And whats written you show only me

But if you cant close up all the gaps tonight
Put me to bed in your way
You see right through everything I am
For you my insides are displayed
Sing me to sleep my beautiful one
I will love only you for all time
Sing me to sleep my only one
With promises that you are all mine

Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking
It sounds like music to me
I see your face and I can hardly breath
It looks just like a song to me

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The Jesus Lizard Lyrics

I tried to run across the water and I sank into the deep
Listlessly beneath the sea, within its murky keep
I want to keep my dinner down but I threw it up today
See how agonizingly propelled without delay?

I cant breathe and I dont want to anymore

The Jesus lizard tried to love but its heart was made of lead
He could not move the way love does so he faked it all instead
The Jesus lizard wants to be the center of your ray of light
But any light he has yet to see, no light is in his sight
I tried to pull the nails from you
Out of your hands and feet
And when I tried I made you die and yet you came back for me
If I drag myself throughout this world
If I throw up everyday
Will you still see that Im still here?
Im waiting in all of my ways

I am God the lizard said
Alpha, omega end with me
The sun was hot upon his head
So he tried to run across the sea

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Your Owls Are Hooting Lyrics

This letter wont make it to you in time
Introverted by your distance from me, and by mine
But the chameleons who sift through the trees
Are garnering a bouquet in my heads faculties
And its filled with scales and perfumes wearing thin
There is no flaw in you, there is no sun on your skin
Where have you been all of my life?
I hear a lizard tongue above my head
Will you be my wife?

Skin and bones and things that make my heart beat
My possession my obsession, everything to me
The sound of your voice and all your fingertips
Is like a bible verse spilling right across your lips

Waiting for my bride no longer taking its toll
Like a great horned owl swallowing fruit bats whole
Now that youre here I feel a presence that I didnt before
I feel your love I feel the warmth Im feeling so much more
No more stiff joints, no more skin dry and rigid
Youre like a funnel in my heart
No longer artic and frigid
Im indebted to you, you are my only one
Straight from the breath of the almighty Father, Spirit and Son

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