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After The Rain

Artist: James Cleveland

Songs on "After The Rain" Album

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After The Rain - View After The Rain Lyrics

After The Rain Lyrics

A)Sop: Count it
All:Joy, joy
After the rain the sun will shine again
(repeat 3x)

B)Lead:Weeping may endure for a night
Joy will surely come
If you trust and never doubt
Your faith will bring you out(A+B+A)

All:The sun will shine again, the sun will shine again
The sun will shine again
After the rain the sun will shine again

All:After the rain.(repeat with Lead)
Lead: Trouble ain't gonna last always
When you get through moaning down here
He's gonna work it out, He's gonna work it out
If you just keep holding out?
You just keep on holding on
After the rain
You don't have worry 'bout it
Let God in your life, let God in your life
AllAfter the rain the sun will shine, Will shine
Will shine, Will shine

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