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Aerial View

Artist: Aerial View

Songs on "Aerial View" Album

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All There Is - View All There Is Lyrics
Apostasy - View Apostasy Lyrics
Don't Turn Away
End of the Line - View End of the Line Lyrics
Every Time I Call - View Every Time I Call Lyrics
if - View if Lyrics
Last Goodbye - View Last Goodbye Lyrics
Love Just Takes a Moment - View Love Just Takes a Moment Lyrics
No Name Song - View No Name Song Lyrics
Only a Prayer - View Only a Prayer Lyrics
Reminiscence - View Reminiscence Lyrics
Seventeen - View Seventeen Lyrics
Take This Cup - View Take This Cup Lyrics

All There Is Lyrics

it could be me who is to blame
but logically im not
why do i justify the good
believing in what is not

is now all there is?
can you tell me what you feel inside
are you like me, or them, or free
can you say you really tried
can you say you really tried

the wonder deeply moves your soul
perplexing thoughts of change
arriving in this crazy little blend
return to rearrange

is now all there is
can you tell me what you feel inside
have we begun the race we run
are we headed toward the prize
are we headed toward the prize

you heard all the wise men say
the sun will rise today so
you look to their eastern lights
you think that they might
be your guide, no

your life's really here
no it's not some shallow dream
there's only God and love's commands
fulfills all your dreams
fulfills all your dreams

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Apostasy Lyrics

in this great nation
where have our morals gone
day by day we turn away
from what we were founded on
the streets are washed in blood
the dealers fuel their greed
no wrong no right, no black no white
as long as they get what they need

now human life is so cheap
better pray the Lord your soul to keep
we took a wrong turn somewhere
can we ever return


apostasy, societal decay
the fabric we are made of
is worn thin and frayed

freedom of choice
as long as you choose their way
it's not a life just a ball of cells
conveniently swept away
freedom of speech
as long as you say what they say
they scorn and mock my name
when i get down on my knees to pray

i pray for this nation
whose heart has turned to stone
if no one will go with me
then i will walk alone


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End of the Line Lyrics

welcome back to the end of the line
no problems here boys, everyone's fine

and it's all right
struggling on through the night
pretending everything's
gonna be all right
during the thick of the fight
during the heat of the night
during the thick of the fight

the harder they come
the harder they fall
it's just a law of the land
same old solutions
with a different name
we all act on command


give us a number
forget about your name
what did your dignity cost
fill out the timecard
just tell us what you need
forget the life that you lost


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Every Time I Call Lyrics

every time i call out your name
well i'm glad to know
that someone's listening
a lot of people come and they go
when it comes to answers
they're resisting


and it's all that matters when you got nothing left to lose
and your dreams are shattered,
youve got one more voice to choose
every time i call, every time i call

whenever i come and i'm resisting
youve got the answers
Lord i'm listening
well i'm glad to know that you're there
cause you're my hope, my joy
and my prayer


whenever i call out you hear me
you're like a beacon in the distance
guiding light showing me the answers
cause you're my hope
Lord i'll take my chances


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if Lyrics

if we come as children
willing and hungry to learn
if we hold our judgments
and rightly and wisely discern
if we go beyond hearing
and act on what we know
if we look into the word of God
and with honesty face
what the reflection shows

if we love the Father with all our hearts
and all our souls and minds
if we love each other as brothers
and let selfishness behind
if like God we were not willing
that even one should slip away
if we were to say here i am, send me Lord where you will today

if we, will we
let it flow, let it go, let it show

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Last Goodbye Lyrics

so you think you've got it made
and the things all look okay
but it's just a lie, because you know things don't change
think your friends will pull you through yeah, just what they're gonna do
watch them bring you down
straight to the bottom line
you've got to tell them all
got to tell them all
that you're all alone
when you say your last goodbye

everything is looking fine
and the folks all stand in line
just to shake your hand
and see you sign your name
see His hand reach out to you
oh just what you gonna do
will you take the time
or will you walk on by
you've got to tell them all
got to tell them all
that you're all alone
when you say your last goodbye

now it all comes down to this:
God's love or nothingness
did you take the time
or did you walk on by
see His hand reach out to you
as you hear the voice call out to you
do you know His name
did you walk the line
you've got to tell them all
got to tell them all
that you're all alone
when you say your last goodbye

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Love Just Takes a Moment Lyrics

love just takes a moment
why don't you try
when you gonna start to realize

love just takes a moment
why can't you see
there's a better way to live that's free


now don't, now don't
draw the wrong conclusion
the way you feel or what's been done
God is who you need for surviving,
must a man deny it
you know you'll only stand alone

love just takes a moment,
why don't you try
and rest your weary heart on
those eyes that cry

love just takes a moment
why can't you see
Christ has come to give life
to you and me


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No Name Song Lyrics

in the darkest valley
when it's so dark that i can't see
when the darkness wants to shut me in
i can see ahead where i've already been
already been

when the rain stops falling down
fields of green are turning brown
people drink to quench their thirst
in vain
tomorrow they will only thirst again
thirst again


you are the light that leads me home
Jesus my refuge you alone
your living water satisfies
he who will drink it never dies

my spirit yearns for you
my flesh cries out in weakness
outside i am wasting away
inside i am more alive every day
every day


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Only a Prayer Lyrics

the clock on the wall is ticking
toward two am
i am wide-awake sitting all alone
upstairs my wife is sleeping
as i sit in the silence
the pressures of life
are heavy on my mind

i think of the world we live in
can it get much worse

do i want my children
growing up this way
there's never enough left over
when the bills are paid
sometimes i don't know
where the next dime will come from
then the words come to me
through the night into my soul
you don't have to worry
I am in control
you dont have to worry
come what may
I said I'd be with you until the last day

in the heat of the battle
in the cold of the storm
they can't overtake you
though you're tired and worn

only a prayer away

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Reminiscence Lyrics

it's been a long, long time since this road's rolled beneath my wheels
yeah the clock ticks on through the years that it steals
and though the town is changing
the memories still live here
the ghosts come out to greet me
as the past becomes so near

it seems the time moves faster
with every passing day
a shame sometimes the call we hear must lead us far away


it feels good to be home
where I spent my early days
it's good to see the faces
though we've all gone our own ways
those days are gone forever
and they're far behind
it seems like yesterday
is still fresh in my mind

now shopping centers stand where
there were trees and nothing more
and one-lane country roads
are wider than before
though the town is changing
i guess that i have too
we've built upon the memories
but what are you supposed to do

and just like landscapes people change
as they move through their lives
but underneath they stay the same
as each new day arrives


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Seventeen Lyrics

see those lines upon her face
it's so sad, such a human waste
for this girl so young and free
to fall down like a fallen leaf
she goes home to a crowded room
full of smoke and cheap perfume
and the neighbors stare at the tube
and tell stories of their wasted youth


she's seventeen
she knows what they mean
she's seventeen
and she's down on her knees
and her master knows the secret way
to ease the pain of another day

she doesn't know there's another way to face the fear without turning away
and she's cold, it's a cold hard world
but deep inside she's a little girl
with dreams she can never find cause she's all alone, got nowhere to hide
so she runs away in a desperate move but she doesn't see
it's a darkened tomb


then a shot in the dark
pierces her heart
she's all alone in the cold and dark
when the dream ends
there's a place to go
in another world
where the pain won't show
then the little one in the hardened shell heads for the Son and away from hell
and she touched the hand
with healing power
and now she stands till the final hour


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Take This Cup Lyrics

here in the silence its time to recall
the sacrifice that Jesus made
to rescue us all
from somewhere in the distance
i heard you call my name
i saw you in the garden
i heard you when you prayed

you said Lord take this cup
if there's any other way
please lift me up
so that they might be saved

on a hill that they called Calvary
your body was hung
on a rough wooden cross
your work almost done
and when it was over
your side was pierced
the curtain was shattered
your Spirit released

and you said Lord take this cup
cause there's no other way
please lift me up
so that they might be saved

and i will remember the way that i felt the way my body trembled
before you i knelt
oh Lord you came and touched my life forever i will stand
before your throne in heaven
my life in your hand

so i take this cup, remember that day
i will lift up your Holy name in praise

now if you really listen
sometimes you can hear
the pounding of the nails
like a heartbeat so real
and now Lord we thank you
for how you set us free
and how you rose again
so death we won't see

now i'll take this cup
remember that day
i will lift up your Holy name in praise

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