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Advent of a Miracle

Artist: Strongarm

Songs on "Advent of a Miracle" Album

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advent of a miracle - View advent of a miracle Lyrics
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These Times That Try Men's Souls
These Times that try mens souls - View These Times that try mens souls Lyrics

advent of a miracle Lyrics

you're my beloved and all together lovely as a gift that cant't be bought as if gold could favor outweigh your meaning to me the secrets of the heart made manifest even beauty's priced beside thee proportioned by lot the less wishes fade dreams break promise made takes away your will takes your whole heart captive just for one promise sell it all for one true word to hold on to face the shame of it all safer to neglect than open your callused heart piece by piece you have lost a part of yourself you share to gain but lose at love and learn to hate yourself more and more each day and all the days thereafter they labor to put back together and regain what is gone forever wishes fade as dreams break promise made tomorrow takes the most costly mistake is to try to change the past today the filth and athe shame they all wash away for you Christ will clean the slate only love can fill the void when the world has taken its toll hand in hand by your side we'll walk down this path together i'll take you to the place where promises will never break to the advent to the advent to the advent of a miracle true love is to die for and is why i cry for you and the pain you feel and feed can heal if you'd just walk with me toward the light

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Council of Perfection Lyrics

truth and justice belong to You behold the power of His undying sacrifice as a sanctuary for the wounded in the council of perfection all creation stands as a witness all creation stands as a mark of Your will all creation stands on the breath of God wisdom hides behind Your eyes darkness divided by Your fallen tear there the wicked cease from turmoil and the weary are at rest all sacrifice and all suffering is redemption formed in the palm of God's mighty hand shaped by the work of His will and alive from the breath of His heart man's inspiration is God's touch on the quickened nerves of the spirit enflamed by Your unquenchable fire i stand in the spirit of conquest through You i am created to conquer fleeting living a life of calamity forces unseen are controlling your destiny we're not at the mercy of fate fears born of this world are groundless lord teach me and i will be silent word made flesh we long to hear You You are my advocate my mediator with complete power and perfect love You alone hold the scales of judgment

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Increase Lyrics

i fall i fall i fall to my knees for this my Lord i plea in this hour alone i shall surely stand stoned for fear will face me meet me where I flee still, i run away this cup i pass to pray as a river's end meets sea so my eyes they flood into Thee in many ways i feel i've dug my own grave grave grave my own a friend what does it mean obedience what does it bring knowledge comes easy easily obtained wisdom the greater but only through pain this i ask for to surround to near the backbone to growth and therefore to clear convictions that draw me closer to lead me decisions to follow thoughts that bring healing truth to perfection and my spirit discerning but in all that i've learned i am still learning that the plague of my life i must fight to survive these self-same truths revealed to me to be the absolute change starts in thought as it can only be taught with a deep concern the heart through mind through time learn wearily i divide i divide you're called to disunite afraid that they may scatter but rather they gather

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Measure of Consequence Lyrics

raging your eyes seeking cleansing for their disease hatred suffocating reason the ground cries out for the spirit broken erased by aberration turn the pages of sacrifice blood cursed with retribution to the blind a cancer but for chosen generations memories to sorrow for their souls a lamentation therefore he has come for Christ is comfort forevermore forevermore countless numbers of bodies raped of their lifetime and end to families through heritage survives a lifeline voices that call through seasons carry timeless a measure of consequence never again to create the cycle ever again denying their lives please help us oh Most High to never again see through those eyes take heart oh Israel for we stretch forth hands come to you as offerings of hope you you

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More Bitter than Death Lyrics

i refuse to shudder in the face of sacrifice undying the legacy of truth shines through adversity the furnace of affliction could not absolve it and you in your high-chair comfort stagnant thoughts the accolades of arrogance wear them like a crown heart painted scarlet and your followers follow you down now drown in your contradictions turned religion consumed by the grave for death is to feed on these things and more the power which they've given you will still surcease still more bitter that death is to walk in silence is to die discontent is to gaze in the eyes of your maker and to feel no love only resentment this more bitter than death itself i've seen the face of redemption and i've closed my eyes i've felt the hand of grace mend my broken heart i've pierced my savior's side with deceit and lies in the midst of betrayal still repentance waits and this i resolved within myself my adversary will no longer be my master for this i weep bitterly in the night i sought shelter in sleep but sleep is restless without hope i looked for a thread of hope but he was frail frayed fabric slowly wearing i have no use for remorse save for learning slowly wearing have no use for remorse yet it consumes me

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Sorrow is a Sage Lyrics

praise is truly sacrifice sorrow is a sage so now i wait i never dreamed that i'd be here as a sacrament to be raised and then broken it never to spoken still swallows my only breath of hope incinerating words have never fallen so short hands raised in submission still your sanctuary burns still burning no one told me that this grief would feel so much like fear tears without protest a soul seeking solace she's dying to wake but late is the daybreak gasping and groaning the silence breaks for seething i hear a still small voice inside me say grace grows in winter how i long to believe that it speaks the truth is this not my lot life all is not comprehendible and all is not beautiful however all has meaning and all can create beauty let me see the meaning in this let me find the beauty in this life is learning what cannot break you can only be a catalyst for growth creation groans for completion truth wakes understanding and the morning comes yielding peace oh how i long for this to be truth

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Supplication Lyrics

there can be no justice where there is no truth a life of self-sacrifice a new creation devotion to purity in the midst of the light of conviction set fire to the hearts desire taken by storm no longer in the dark dwelling in the shadows nevermore i surrender all all i am i give give thereof till end much more more than this is death i surrender all all i am i've spent spent my essence and much more more than this is death far be it from me to flee from the den of lions the truth can be blinding cast me forth for stoning misunderstanding causes fear i feel your pain i feel your emptiness and on this day your blood will touch blood because i am an example i will not flee waiting for an end as breath fades away fades away fades away waiting for an end as breath fades away

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The Fall of Babylon Lyrics

when the nations rise with the eyes of arrogance raise your war cry and be shattered the strings of dissention ensnared by an evil tongue cast your ring of disappointment the plague of dissolution the plans of your devise they will be thwarted spirit stained by corrupted flesh your hollow truths will be shattered your riches are acquired by the misfortune and bloodshed of others within our midst is the prophesied age of a new babylon all the images of its gods lie smashed on the ground it's driven by darkness the dwelling place for demons for the nations race to drain the cup of the maddening wine of power to deny a man of his rights to deprive a man of justice he looked for justice but saw bloodshed for righteousness but heard cries of distress he will cleanse the bloodstains of the oppressed by a spirit of judgment spirit of fire he things that drive us to hate to love to lust to greed and to good is longing every soul is born with that vague undefined hole we search each other's eyes for answers and fine none God will break the yoke that burdens you but those who refuse to see leading others astray in your iniquities terror will seize you the hour of your judgment will come

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These Times that try mens souls Lyrics

this this is all that i believe to bear witness to my calling my life escapes me my days they shorten these final breath to testify to face these years is adversity in itself calm passed long ago to reveal reveal times foretold before is the open book another page pieces fall in place take heed to discern the times of the signs these times that try men's souls whereby we know this life is like a shadow and death assuredly shall come down to greet the soul the years they've coursed the storm that's been uprising since the days of old building and now approaching he sees not his shadow who faces the sun for his eyes melt as wax the price paid for living in light is that of gold in the crucible ever melting straining striving to be made pure purity escapes me remembrance breaks me down though my knees become weak i will cause my foot another step to carry the task bleeds my hands but they are kept remembrance breaks me down but i will strive until it is the last time

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