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Artist: Keith Staton

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Addicted - View Addicted Lyrics

Addicted Lyrics

Addicted by Keith Staton
Written by Keith Staten, Maxx Frank

It's hard to see
I'm addicted
I'm addicted to You
I'm addicted
I'm addicted
I'm addicted

Verse 1
Like a deer panteth
At the water stream
So does my soul long for You O God
Like a flower desperately needs some rain
I need Your touch
Over and over again
I love to talk and walk
Through the park with You
All alone with no one else in view
I've realized nothing else
Can compare to the way
That I feel when I'm in Your care

Misc 2
I can't live without You
O Lord I'll go crazy
I really need You

Verse 2
Like the morning needs
The sun to rise
I need Your Word
As a guiding light
And like a bird needs
To fly south in the wintertime
I need to draw closer to Your side
I love to think of Your goodness
And all the things You mean to me
It's an honor just to praise
Your holy name
You fulfill all my needs
I can't imagine living without You
I need You more than
More than the air I breathe
I'm addicted
I can't live without You
I'll go crazy
I know I really need You
I'm addicted
I can't live without You
So why would I try
I'll go crazy

Verse 3
I know that I need You
I'm addicted
I can't live without You
I'll go crazy
Lord I know that I need You
Lord I need Your love so please
I need You near me by my side
A daily walk
A constant talk
You answer my addiction
And You help me say
Lord I love You
Yes I do

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