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Action Figure

Artist: Knowdaverbs

Songs on "Action Figure" Album

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Action Figure - View Action Figure Lyrics
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Action Figure Lyrics

Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure.
Put the Word into motion, not only hear that we do that!
Action! Getting Ready for some Action Figure.
Put the Word into motion, not only hear that we do that!
I was on my laptop checking on flights to
Cancun Chatting over the net like Agassi
and Chang do. Then a message on screen
from the Action Headquarters. From the
office of the Chief upstairs relaying me
some orders. I printed out the agenda and
instructed process It read: Your mission
should you choose to accomplish... Another
job during vacation I'm not hype on going
It's halfway around the world and chances
are that it's snowing. Can't concentrate...
decisions unwise...if I could stay here
and think and just re-energize. I'm very
hesitant trying to resist compliance And
recalled I'm required off duty and on assignment.
An op from the Chief who insist to aid
folks I need to get to going before my
Action title's revoked. Off to lost cities
who drown in no hope Feeling the choke but
we go to sever the rope.
With my leather bond in hand and game plan
on DVD Under the assumed identity of a
black emcee No disguise needed 'cause that
can cause less stress Cause action Figures
dressed up as bats get a whole lot of
press. Met my contact at customs, "How
do I know its you?" Of course the secret
password, "Schlavaboghoul" The backdrop
was set as night hit the foreign nation
Ready for the intake of sensitive information.
If the barrier was language we'll break
the code of silence And amputate what may
trigger off their motive for violence.
Alluded the bad guys in black hats and
cheated danger Cause the weaponry I use
is holding truth in the chamber. Since I
received word in the form of the prophetic
That's my safety latch 'til it's matured
cause God said it. The Word is like a bullet
that must penetrate the heart Just to end
the present life to let the new one start.

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Full On Empty Lyrics

I drive not on my own understanding getting,
getting gased up for advancing I deflate
myself for expanding Vehicles we won
be we ride full on empty.

A lot of times I feel not y'all the mood
to write a song 'cause everything I've kicked
around in my head it feels wrong I grab a
chair, a qiuet spot a pen and empty beat
and play it in dire straights to inscribe
this loose leaf I flip back in my notes to
parts I've wrote but never finish and sow
those together in desperate need for compositions
and for known reasons they never feel to
tasty my word usage is all of and my rhyme
pattern is all janky. What ever merry idea
started with, then I'll divorce it then a
light bulb pops on is it God or Verbs
trying to force it . I wanna tune into a
song and know its God without a doubt and
keep my tank full on Christ when my self
is emptied out. My job is not to think a
million just to figure out a verse even in
the Bible Belt you hear pants when souls
thirst. If were more commercial than a
break in a UPN sitcom I'd still be held
accountable for every line that you hear
my voice on. For a car to run at all it
must stay gased up, for me to write at
all I need to take the daily task up of
doing what I need while staying robed in
what i read ain't no harvest to collect
if no farmers will throw no seed. Although
my soul may still say yes it's a daily
thing to wake and knock the mess out the flesh.
I plans to ride shot gun with my Lord in
one accord there's transportation in his
name like Chevy Chase or Harry Ford. 'cause
I'd be plain out of luck baking just on what
I know my mind can draw some blanks like
karate champs of TaeBo. I exercise his
ways, I'm Fonda(fond of ) how things work
out His foolishness has been wiser than
Our strongest of routes. So I surrender
all and use the cross as leverage trying
to scratch the surface of service being
poured out beverage. To change my will it
cost my life period end of story Do great
things in His name so only He receives the
glory. To a pescimist an empty glass is
just good for no use an optimist will
leave it there prepared for full on juice.
Obedience keeps you from tickets in zones
of speed traps so His word close and snug
tight like wave caps His sovreignty is like
a baby during terms that your pregnant 'cause
you learn to wait on him then you feel it and expect it.

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God Is Big Lyrics

God is Big,Huge! Moves thru any place,
God is so large he can swallow the Outer
Space. God Is Big,Huge! from the start
to the end, God is so large we find it
hard to comprehend. God Is Big, Huge!

BIGGER than Crime in your city,
BIGGER than fiery darts,
BIGGER than projects and bigger than trailer parks.
BIGGER than a penthouse,
BIGGER than white lines,
BIGGER than green weed
BIGGER than girls that are fine.
BIGGER than income from dumb illegal stuff,
BIGGER than anything you have ever heard of.
BIGGER He's bigger than the news
BIGGER than fatal sickness
BIGGER than dopest DJ or illest lyricist.
BIGGER than your cold nights or your darkest day
BIGGER than iMac bigger than Y2K. He's
BIGGER where your from.
BIGGER than where your workin'
BIGGER than Surburbans or them new Ford Excursions.
He's BIGGER than success
BIGGER than alienation 'cause he'll
rise to the occassion and revamp your situation.
He's BIGGER than any phenomenal craze that tries to enter
BIGGER than a Pee Wee or a Pokemon adventure
He's BIGGER than the 1st edition PacTel
pagers bigger than the pants worn by ravers also skaters.
He's BIGGER than your 1st , 2nd, or 3rd chances.
He's BIGGER than the source that attacks your finances
He's BIGGER than the dead ends in
the tightest situation bigger than any
wrestling or a boxing federation. He's
BIGGER than anything you'd often thought you'd never be.
He's BIGGER than the strife the enemy sows in families.
He's bigger than anything you'd often dub as a habit
BIGGER than stinking thinking of I'll always be an addict.
He's BIGGER than music business facades tricks and fables.
BIGGER than the ceo at any record label
BIGGER than me being signed or your lack of patience
BIGGER than programming directors at any radio stations.
BIGGER than the smarts encased in the brains of a genius
BIGGER than any canyon Grand four hours out of Phoenix
he's BIGGER than technology that's allowing you to hear me
BIGGER than the "Is God real"? scientific theory.
BIGGER than any question you could
ever have in your mind Big like the
hope you thought you lost and never find
BIGGER than "Yes, Yes hip-hop it never stops" and
BIGGER than the heads of emcee's with way to many props
He's BIGGER than "huh-what!" No bounds what he surrounds nothings
BIGGER than the name that death trembles when it's pronounced.

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How Excellent Lyrics

Don't forgot that...that the Name is excellent...
how excellent is the Name. every knee shall
bow and all tounges shall confess
that Christ is the King yeah.

I long to know your ways and trace the
pace that you've imprinted your living
proof of grace I look for your face every
minute. I chalk it up as an example of a
chance I didn't miss looking back at the
past from the future or present tense. As
I abide in you, your search my heart for
what I needed To survie like you, off every
word that had proceeded. I said before I
fast slow depending not on bread alone but
imitate your character while pursuing to
clone. They're brains are veggie if they
claim your a tale that's produced even Judy
must judge you guilty of nothing but fine
fruits. I suppose that's why they journey
on hopless capers they cant figure you out
with spare hands and scratch paper. Behold
as it was written God the Father sent the
gift in His Word became flesh and very
breath was you you livin' we were blessed
with the begotten shone the light upon the
spot when the scene was looking rotten just
in time you seemed to pop in . mellow on
your entrance, humble record was stainless
certified man, genuine divine simultaneous
I live more abundant since I gave you my
life we're romantically invovled and I
can constantly survive(repeat).
The excellency of your name can never be
in question you collided with the cross
and sealed it all thru resurrection. you
changed the world with the assignment that
had to be finished before I set foot on the
earth then all my sins had been diminished.
I stand unashamed and bless your name with
true gratis counting it gain to be accused
as Christ apparatus. How can some turn
away from the magnitude of your greatness
you offer refuge and strength burdens gone
while feeling weightless. In the middle of
your presence demons shake and get tense to
me,your corner stone to others, rock of
offense. You declared me with thoughts I
didn't think it was such Now call me righteous
your grace is way to much. Think of exchange
rates its truly the best offer I confess
you before men, you vouch for me before
the Father. I shall enter your courts with
praise and doin' rhymes 'cause its impossible
to say thank you too many times.

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