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Achilles Heel

Artist: Pedro The Lion

Songs on "Achilles Heel" Album

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A Simple Plan - View A Simple Plan Lyrics
Arizona - View Arizona Lyrics
Bands With Managers - View Bands With Managers Lyrics
Discretion - View Discretion Lyrics
Foregone Conclusions - View Foregone Conclusions Lyrics
I Do - View I Do Lyrics
Keep Swinging - View Keep Swinging Lyrics
Start Without Me - View Start Without Me Lyrics
The Fleecing - View The Fleecing Lyrics
The Poison - View The Poison Lyrics
Transcontinental - View Transcontinental Lyrics

A Simple Plan Lyrics

the plants and the factories are perfectly run
the workers and bosses are living as one
people are equal people are good
people are working as hard as they should be
it's food for my family and clothes for my kids
the class war is over and everyone wins
it's such a simple plan
to take it like a man
but i'm not sure i can
we fought for a decade corruption and greed
it gave me a purpose a reason to breathe
but now that it's over now that we've won
it's back to my bedroom alone with a shot gun
to think of my family no longer compels me
with all things in common they'll manage without me

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Arizona Lyrics

arizona curled up with california
then she tried to hide the whole thing from new mexico
who knew before he saw them making out in yuma
that she was loving someone new
but california not california how could you
the bully loved her cactus
the underdog her pine
but she would only love one at a time
new mexico had always hated california
and though he knew that arizona wore the pants
he got loaded then he started throwing punches
the poor injun never had a chance
scissors cut paper
paper covers rock
rock crushes scissors
scissors break apart

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Bands With Managers Lyrics

bands with managers are going places
bands with messy hair and smooth white faces
you don't believe when i say
it won't be alright
vans with fifteen passengers are rolling over
but i trust t. william walsh and i'm not afraid to die

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Discretion Lyrics

having no idea that his youngest son was dead
the farmer and his sweet young wife slept soundly in his bed
in the shadow of the mountain as the cattle hung their heads
grazing only feet from where the broken body lay
and would lay undiscovered for another several days
when the farmer would find vultures at their banquet in the hay
the killer traveled eastbound in a golden brown sedan
weighing his most recent deviation from the plan
counting down the hours til the sun came up again
hired to hit the farmer by the farmer's asshole son
he had not yet decided between poison or a gun
when suddenly he realized he would not use either one

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Foregone Conclusions Lyrics

i don't want to believe that all of the above is true
but i could be persuaded if you were to give me proof
why don't you come over thursday maybe we can talk it through
as if some new information were possible to comprehend or introduce
after all you and i are nothing more than foregone conclusions
you were to busy steering the conversation toward the lord
to hear the voice of the spirit saying shut the fuck up
you thought it must be the devil trying to make you go astray
besides it couln't have been the lord because you don't believe he talks that way
too close to call yet
still so tightly wound around our foregone conclusions

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I Do Lyrics

and when his tiny head emerged from hair and folds of skin
i thought to myself if he only knew he would climb right back in
i do
now that my blushing bride has done what she was born to do
it's time to bury dreams and raise a son to live vicariously through
the sperm swims for the egg
the finger for the ring
if i could take one back
i know what it would be

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Keep Swinging Lyrics

you got drunk
drunker than you'd ever been
you hailed a cab and passed out cold
before you told the driver where to go
so he drove you around chicago
you woke up sicker than you'd ever been
you threw up and shit the bed
and there was no one there to clean you up
and the room was spinning all around
make a fist and take a deep breath
close your eyes and count to ten
just keep swinging 'til you're over it
the mess you left had got you feeling pretty bad
but she is a maid i guess that's what she gets paid for

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Start Without Me Lyrics

roll me over i wanna wave at the kids
i can't say i prescribe cause i don't know what it is
i'm down at the track i'm just calling to check in
if you start without me say my name as you begin
it's not like it wasn't all for you
but like evrything i do it's misunderstood
take a message i'm on my way out of town
but the wording's important so make sure you write it down
there's money behind every picture in the place
sincerely your husband on my way to the next race
if it's once i got it
if it's twice i don't

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The Fleecing Lyrics

deep green hills whose shoulders fade into thick grey
tall wet grass whose flesh makes fools of grazing sheep
whose fleecing makes a fool of me
who shall i blame for this sweet and heavy trouble
for every stupid struggle i don't know
i could buy you a drink
i could tell you all about it
i could tell you why i doubt it and why i still believe
i can't say it like i sing it
i can't sing it like i think it
i can't think like i feel it
and i don't feel a thing
...why i still believe it
why i need it
and what the pharisees can't see
we'd have more drinks
and speak of so many things
but i don't know you and you don't know me

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The Poison Lyrics

the poison makes its way through my body slowly
into the pleasure centers of my brain
if you were here i would admit that i'm an asshole
but now it's over and i can't stay sober
though it isn't like i've tried
on the front porch or on an airplane on vacation
or out for dinner in a nearby town
i was so proud just to have you sitting with me
but now it's over and i can't stay sober
pour and swallow follow one drink with another
i'll keep on til you agree to come back over
or until there are x's on my eyes
my old man always swore that hell would have no flame
just a front row seat to watch you true love pack her things and drive away

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Transcontinental Lyrics

engine severs lower legs
feel my bruised heart beating
spinal cord remains intact
still sending and receiving
laying back on shoulder blades
cargo rushing past
missing limbs beneath the cars
twitching on the tracks
click clack now handicapped
north am transcontinental
i remember as i bleed
certain tales of bravery
a man who's legs were trapped beneath
a fallen evergreen tree
he decided he would chop them off above the knee
to sacrifice his shins and feet to set his torso free
the luxury of having been spared the hard part
you'd think would be enough for me to pull this off
but i'm left to bleed to death
now all the man i've ever been
north am transcontinental

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