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Accept What God Allows

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Accept What God Allows - View Accept What God Allows Lyrics

Accept What God Allows Lyrics

( ) Lead
(Accept) Accept (What God Allows) What God Allows
(Youre better off any way) Your better off any way
(face the facts) face the facts (and you will never stray) and you will never stray
(turn your faith a-loose) Turn your faith a-loose
(He will bring you out) He will bring you out
(And give you) And give you all, all the proof (so dont question God) so dont, dont dont, dont question God (Just Accept) Accept (Accept) Accept (Accept) what God allows.
(We all, we all go through life askin the question, why? Whyyy all these burdens, why when loved ones die? Ohhh why! do I have to worry, why do I have to cry, but I know Jesus) I know Jesus ( I know Jesus) I know Jesus (I know Jesus) I know Jesus (Hes gonna fix it all byyyeee- bye and bye.)
Accept (what God allows) What God allows even when you dont understand it its working for your good (accept every trial ) accept every trial (accept it even now) accept it even now (hell give you a smile) hell give you (Give you) Heelll give you a smile (listen ______, put it) Put it ( Put it) Put it (Put it in his) In his hands (He has the master plan) He has the, the the, the, the, the, the, the master plan (Your trial) Your trial is but a stepping stone (It will lead you) It will lead you (It will lead you) Lead (Lead You) Lead You (To that heavenly) heavenly (heavenly) [simultaneously] throne
God Bless you _________ we love you. (It will lead you) lead you (It will lead you _____) lead you (It will lead you) lead you to that heavenly, heavenly, heavenly, throoone [everyone] throne.

Look at somebody, how many of you in here been through something, (watch out _____) I just want you to do one thing before I leave the _____. I want you to look over and find somebody that looks a little depressed. They seem like they got bags under their eyes. Looks like they havent slept all week long. Find somebody who looks {that look} lonely. They just need somebody to hold em and tell em they love em. If you find somebody that looks like they goin through Gods got a blessing for you yeeeaaah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yes he does) Imma get up in a minute, but I want you to dojust do what works for me. Even if you dont think that you got it, or seems like your losing the battle, I want you to get up on your feet and say I got the victory I got it (yeah I do yeah I do yeeah [shouting music] (I got the victory hallelujah) [music dies down] (________, you gonna make somebody hurt themselves, dont you touch that organ, dont touch it, dont hit that note I like Ill dance, you know that note I like, get off the organ, please dont hit that note. Yall wanna hear that note, they want you to hit that note, and we gon dance) [music ensues] wait a minute, how many of yall in here believe in praising God before you get your blessing, well listen, I want you to just find a neighbor to dance with, now dont go to anybody that aint gon move, we gon praise God before we get this blessing. Some of yall are gonna get a big breakthrough before you get home. When I count to 3 I want you to say, Thank God for my blessing, and just go forth, jump, clap or do something; 1,2,3; Thank God for my blessing.[music ensues]

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