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Abyssal Throne

Artist: Sympathy

Songs on "Abyssal Throne" Album

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Ascendancy - View Ascendancy Lyrics
Immolation - View Immolation Lyrics
Insipid - View Insipid Lyrics
Torn into Enthrallment - View Torn into Enthrallment Lyrics

Ascendancy Lyrics

I am given power
I am given strength
ancient forces dwell in me
I have drank of knowledge
I have embraced wisdom
deep secrets upon aeons
with strange ecstasies
I embrace the hope
of a certain rebirth
to awake with the fathers of old
that which once was hidden
now seems clear to me
I am reborn
take me down to the ancient graves
of those who passed this ember
that has burned into me as a fire
I will shroud their tombs with honor
I will name them among the blessed
for their faith has been instilled in me
I have taken all they offered
I am now their incarnation
for their god has come to dwell with me
I have taken oaths as they did
I am sealed as once they were
I am an ascendent progeny

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Immolation Lyrics

you await your final hour
with fear you loathe the end of days
each moment you're closer to your grave
infected spirit, filled with angst and dread
defeated angel, heal crushed through your head
accusing demon, your end draws nigh
unbound restless
serpent of hate
consume the lifeless
while the furnace you await
venomous viper
you'll live eternal death
in hell's fiery pits
the bride will rejoice
when she sees your fate
cast to outer darkness
your torment won't abate
for the lamb has defeated you
as he hung dead
and the lion will destroy you
and will do as he has said

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Insipid Lyrics

cast to the earth the sages have told
the great deceiver that serpent of old
is bound to the earth to wander it's plains
increasing its darkness increasing its pains
sons of the earth have erected his throne
deepest regions infected below
performing rites in abyssal realms
hiding themselves from the all seeing eye
now is the hour of reckoning
now shall the powers be usurped
now the axe stands readied to fall
scourge of the ages rendered now insipid
dethroned feeble traitor reign forever impotent
your kingdom stands in turmoil
your rebellion is undone
all that remains is now cursed
harbinger of the impending wrath
inflicted upon the anguished skies
unveiled within the barren soils
upon these earthly plains
no baleful scion can stand
kingdom of this world
has become the kingdom of our god
scourge of the ages rendered now insipid
deposed feeble traitor reign forever impotent

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Torn into Enthrallment Lyrics

brain patterns altered since birth
to serve the higher cause
pawns of twisted vision
manipulate to do thy bidding
it is easy for them
to control us this way
to think is obsolete
therefore no way to question their rule
a mindless, lifeless zombie
to walk the rest of it's days
there's only one law to serve them
all else results in termination
breeding is done by means of test tubes
it seems strange to me to end up this way
torn from my state of being
stripped of all my worth
I can no longer feel what is being done to me
I have awakened yet cannot move
paralysis has stricken me
I pray for death yet cannot speak
enslavement now possesses me
bleed, bleed you scream at me
worthless is my soul you say
you feed the lie
to collapse my will
feed, feed on what's left of me
eating away at a life I once lived
you left me in your wake
or so you think
vigilant in your plans to deny
you will not overtake
to win the stakes
I will not cower to your lies
your foolish greedy mind
is filled with selfish pride
it will bring you to your knees
flailing in the cess
this convoluted mess
the origin of your disease

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