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Absent Sounds Of Me

Artist: Dear Ephesus

Songs on "Absent Sounds Of Me" Album

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...And Nobody Thinks - View ...And Nobody Thinks Lyrics
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Big Brother - View Big Brother Lyrics
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Looked For In The First Place - View Looked For In The First Place Lyrics
Ocean Deep - View Ocean Deep Lyrics
On West B - View On West B Lyrics
Pinning Dreams - View Pinning Dreams Lyrics
Simpleton Walks - View Simpleton Walks Lyrics
The Absent Sounds Of Me - View The Absent Sounds Of Me Lyrics
The Morning Sings - View The Morning Sings Lyrics

...And Nobody Thinks Lyrics

Beauty frogs and princes dance as one. These words are further from the truth than ignorant. Boxers squaring off in manly fervor. To think the last one standing gains the bone. Brush fires small amounts of ash to occupy. Firemen ringing bells it's Pavlov's dogs. In the lighthouse seamen warn the misty waters. Jesus a word that scared but made you thinking. Somebody fell I heard the sound of the trees crying in the forest. Somebody died a step away from you. Somebody walked into the face of a world that they never wanted. And nobody thinks that this is even a clue. Wall street chutes and ladders gain your favor. My world is juggling with this cosmic line-up. Sounds like desperate clinging must control freak. Answer pick up on line mass technology. I'm singing. I'm dancing. I'm laughing. I'm happ

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A Woe Lyrics

Shifting as I lie beside you. Warmed by all the love that moves you. I wish I was some wonderful guy. Left alone with no great honor. Drinking in my tears like wine. No carriage for this ride it's midnight. Running through lush fields in my dreams. Returning home for love has brought me. Held in your arms I am yours. Hey girl, sad face. I'm sorry that I hurt you. I just haven't been myself in days. Talking down the flags that carry. Things of days misused in waving. I see your eyes they're longing for the truth. Sitting in this room we're talking. Conversation flows so freely. Can't believe I've been so blind. Running through lush fields in my dreams. Returning home for love has brought me. Held in your arms I am yours. Hey girl sad face. I'm sorry that I hurt you. I just haven't been myself in days. Hey boy sad face. The rain still showers gently. I know you haven't been yourself in days. Woe blame upon my head. Fostered what's not mine. But how you love me wakes my eyes. Woe we should be as one. Together in our waltz. And I could wear my favorite suit. Woe I thought I'd lost you love. But when I wake you're there. So let me take you out for breakfas

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Big Brother Lyrics

The sky is falling. Meet the UFO's. There's bombs and then there's wars. The people are faceless. They're leaving this town. The skay is falling. They're scared of the monsters. These beasts have two heads. You can see them on the T.V. Headline at 10. In herds just like cattle. How's it gonna end. The sky is falling. They always know. Big brother is watching and I can't sleep. Where do we go. They always know. The aliens come and gather specimens. Where do we g

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Blue Day Lyrics

The little people in my head. They push me down and make me mad. I can't stand the way they look. Some blue meanie stole my books. But I'm OK some bad days. Make no sense till they go away. Mailman runs from my dog. Hoping his day is better than mine. Well he better run faster. A giant pigeon eating at my brain. Catastrophe in the sewer main. Philosophy as to what seems smart. They bought the wisdom right at K-Mart. But I'm OK such great minds. Joined their forces to stop mankind. But I don't know seems so weird. I hope it will figure itself out soon. Well it better figure faster. Sick of feelings I just hate. Blue the color in my way. I must be special because they told me I was. But they flipped out when I said Elvis lives. I could have swore I saw him hanging out. With those great teachers of the modern thought. But I'm OK some strange days. Make no sense till they go away. Questioning man complex world. Hoping you'll be remembered for this. We'll see of any of this last

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Looked For In The First Place Lyrics

Oh so close yet so far away. Green horizon over bends and turns. I'm killing me to get to you. I've reached my last point of view. (I can't help myself to it can't help myself to it). I'm wondering how this could be. I thought I knew what was true. (I can't help myself to it, can't help myself to it). Five dollar bills they can't make me seem more true. Did the sky fall down I want off this planet now. Now I see the rockets red glare. Up on this space station. This frequency in the land of dinosaurs. Found the visions of many men of old. We are free. Why can't we. Hang around on clouds now. You me and this whole worl

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Ocean Deep Lyrics

Oh to find some peace of mind rest for the soul. Drifting out invitingly she welcomes me. Caressed by your hand hearing warm gales low. I am so relieved. Sailing out through the waters of blissful love. The sky as my friend and dolphins calling to me. I look into you for miles. The mountains below. My love ocean eyes so true I'll never forget her. My love whisper with words from your salt I'll never forget you. Deep blue the touch of most holy God I'll never forget you. I'll never forget

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On West B Lyrics

Well I used to be a young kid. A really dumb kid. Racing bikes around the block for the neighborhood props. In Wyoming yeah. Was it all that bad. There's a crazy bald woman wearing winter clothes. In summer wonder what she wears when it snows. And I'm really scared. Really really scared. The next door lady's been giving me stares. I'm setting firecrackers off in her mailbox. Because she made me mad. So she'll have to pay. You will never see me on West B street. The cat lady's still singing you won't see me. No you will never find me on West B street. Because the neighbor next door she scares me on West B. Well now I swore to the officer he ran this way. But there's no footprints in the snow today. And I know I'm caught. Brother's bawling his head off. But what can you say when you're only nine. It's just one broken window to pass the time. And it seemed so cool. But no one else was smiling. Now the twins down the street are in another fight. I think the one with the bullwhip will win this one. And they're running hard. Right through my yard. Well here is how that story twists. Somehow I became their nemesis. Now I'm on my roof. And it's starting to get dark. I had planned for years. My escape was clear. It's a long walk man. But it's beautiful to be her

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Pinning Dreams Lyrics

Pin that rose high. Watch it fly. Heard them laughing. Watered eye. You keep running. Slow motion. You keep flying. Cut that string. You can't make bread with dirt. If you wanted to. You can't make right what's wrong. You're not that strong. You bought that T-shirt. I survived. They all heard you. Marching to your drum. They said you look really dumb. So unmoved. They said your shoe was untied. You went barefoot. Brilliant my boy chasing dreams right down the street. As you hold them down and pin them to your sleeve. Such grand hurrahs as you stand on top of the world. You're finally there it's the reason you believed. (Dreams and clouds and blues so true. Boys climb trees to reach to you. And then you win and pin them to your sleeve

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Simpleton Walks Lyrics

Walking down a country road. Picking up a pebble and throw. You're finally moving. Basketball killed your sentiment. I'll race you there and say I never went. Bigger than what it wanted to be. Those pebbles sure could help things seem. Like you're finally moving. Fireflies always bring a smile. But you're gifted it's an honor child. Potential to run the fastest mile. But you're tired of running fast so you'd rather walk. Open up a box of cracker jacks. You know that toy surprise has really made your day. Yeah you opened up a box of cracker jacks. Thank you my very simple boy. Yes I've seen you fly your kite and now I'm walking too. For all the boys. For all the girls. Simple's walking awa

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The Absent Sounds Of Me Lyrics

No sounds yet echoes in the room. Loud voices telling lies to their own truth. Here's something for you to write down in your journal. (Never wanted to be something picturesque). Here's nothing for you to write down in your journal. (Never wanted to be something miniscule). Carry on you're a deaf man you can never believe just what you hear. (Speaking where there's no words). Carry on you're a blind man you can never believe just what you see. (Speaking where there's no words). Am I a documentary. I must be a documentary. Fly fishing across the rivers of Colorado. Say mother do you think that I'm a man yet. (Never wanted to be something picturesque). Say father do you think that I'm a man. (Never wanted to be something miniscul

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The Morning Sings Lyrics

Held by cobwebs. Breathed the dirty morning air. Hear the writing. From the poet's pen laid bare. And I would reach to you. If I could lift my hands. And I would take a breath. If I could kill the hate inside of me. Know the healing. Of the teachers words come light. Oh I will thrust my heart to you on my way. I will raise my eyes to you on my face. I will love my love to thee most holy. Meet the seagull. As he rises on the winds. Hear the laughter. As the child bears his grin. And oh it breaks the life. If one must grasp for sleep. Feels jilted by the bough. God save the queen we are lost save the tree. Be stil

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