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Artist: All at Once

Songs on "absence" Album

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Absence - View Absence Lyrics
absence - radio cut
P.S. - View P.S. Lyrics
Seeking - View Seeking Lyrics
You See - View You See Lyrics

Absence Lyrics

I'm at a bridge to nowhere
All my thoughts go numb
Wondering if there's anyone really out there
Wondering if there's anyone who cares

So meet us here
Let us know
Let us feel You

I'm at a loss for words
All my feelings go blank
But I've found the answer
It's in Him, it's in Him

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P.S. Lyrics

I need You
To be in my life
So come and let me see You
Help me make that promise inside
Because there's a beautiful love for us

We go through our lives
Just thinking to ourselves
Not knowing You're aware
So be in our lives now
So that we can share
This beautiful love

Keeping you absent in my heart
I never tried to make us fine
I would refuse Your outstretched arm
How could I have been so blind
But now I see your love

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Seeking Lyrics

I've been fighting all the lies
That will never go away
Trying to keep my eyes on you
But I always look away

Give me a place to run
A place to hide
Give me something more
Than what is left inside
Because I want (need) something more
Than all that fades away
Because I want (need) something more
Than all that fades away

The darkness of the night burns brightly
And it's consuming me
Erasing all I live for
Erasing all of me

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You See Lyrics

It's coming in like a flood
Consuming everything
And tell me can you feel
Or have you become numb

And You see straight inside
Past all of the things I've tried so hard to hide
And You know everything

I can see in your eyes
That you long for more
And I can see in your heart
You need to be brought to life

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