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Abide With Me

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Abide With Me - View Abide With Me Lyrics

Abide With Me Lyrics

Written by Frederick Martin Lehman

Chorus 1
Abide with me when shadows fall
Be Thou with me rule over all
In calm or gale on land or sea
O Lord abide with me

Verse 1
Abide with me Thou heav'nly guest
Within Thy shelter may I rest
Bid all my care and sorrow flee
Lord Jesus come abide with me

Verse 2
Abide with me in sunshine hour
And when I feel the tempst's pow'r
Thro' midnight gloom on storm-tossed sea
Be thou my light abide with me

Verse 3
Abide with me thro' life brief day
In sorrow's hour be Thou my stay
In calm or gale on land or sea
In life in death abide with me

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