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A Legend From Legends

Artist: Cassietta George

Songs on "A Legend From Legends" Album

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Help Us (Through These Trying Times)
It's In Your Eyes
Something Within
Through the Gates
Walk Around Heaven - View Walk Around Heaven Lyrics

Walk Around Heaven Lyrics

Verse 1:
One of these mornings wont be very long
You will look for me and Ill be gone
Im going to a place where Ill have nothing, nothing to do
But just walk around, walk around heaven all day

Verse 2:
When I get to heaven Im gonna sing and shout
Nobody will be able to put me out
My mother will be waiting
And my father, too
And well just walk around, walk around heaven all day

Dear Lord above dont you hear me praying
Walk right by my side
Hold my hand when my way gets a little cloudy
I need you, I need you to be my guide

Verse 3:
Every day will be Sunday, my Lord
Sabbath will have no end
And well do nothing but sing and praise Him
Then Hell say well done
And my race, my race will be won
And Ill walk around, walk around heaven all day.

Walk around heaven.

Ill just walk around heaven all day.

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