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A Day In The Sun

Artist: Skratchline

Songs on "A Day In The Sun" Album

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A Day In The Sun - View A Day In The Sun Lyrics
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A Day In The Sun Lyrics

We all get our day in the sun
Take your first breath and it's gone
A quick blink eternity
Yet still enslave to the dirt beneath our feet

Until i'm gone
Make it worth your while

Could I have an Angel's heart?
Free from this blood, fire, water, dirt
And adore you without distraction
And serve you twenty-four seven

Until i'm gone
Make it worth your while
Until i'm gone
Make it worth your while

If heaven is all they say
Please take me there today
If this is where i'm to stay
I'll serve you always

Here comes the night as it gently falls
I'm catching your vision just as you call
This intrument you temple
This simple earthly vessel

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Hope, Again Lyrics

This feels like I'm drowning
Can't find the surface like a nightmare
Yet I can't sleep

Life and death so intertwined
Hello, goodbye at the same time
I need a touch from the divine

When my soul is empty
I'll put my hope in You
Trusting in Your faithfulness
And nowhere else will I turn
The to Your arms my hands raised high
Praying for Your mercies

Oh God my hands feal tied
Open up the skies and reach down
Save from my weakness

And wash this fear away
May the darkness fade
And may Your greater love prevail


You've given me hope again
I don't know how, but somehow

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I Worship You Lyrics

Look at the lillies of the field
See them stand in their glory
Look at the sky up above
Can you hear the earth's story

And I worship You

I pulled a star down from the sky
A sunrise in the morning
Heaven and earth declare Your name
My God, I adore thee

And I worship You

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Lord Jehovah Lyrics

Oh Lord Jehova, Blessed Son of Man
My God, Creator, The Great I Am
And I'll love You with my heart
And I'll love You with my soul
And I'll always hang on
I won't let go of You

Who am I that You should know my name?
And who am I that I should seek Your face?
And still I'll love you with my heart
I'll love you You with my soul
And I'll always hang on
I won't let go of You

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Losing At Waterloo Lyrics

Oh Sweet Holy One
I've tried it on my own
And I watched it burn down
Ablaze with my selfishness
My greedy bones tried to condone

It's the direction that I took
That seems to make a change
The giving up of what I used to be
I've tried and I failed only to say
That Yahweh is the only way

Something is missing here
And I'd really like to see a change
You know I would
'Cause it's the same thing again
Day by day
Business as usual, but not today


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Penny Locked Lyrics

I put my faith in skin and bones
I tried to fix it on my own
Looking back I must ask why
My dreams were not in line with yours

A chatter box, empty words, heart numb
So unalert, looking back it's so absurd
I tried to tell myself again
What I'm doing is not sin
It leaves me one thing left to say

I'm sorry for the wasted time
For leaving You behind
I fall on my knees and I cry
My God I'm sorry for every wasted day
I'd give it all away
For You to keep me in Your will

Find the truth and walk away
Doesn't emancipate, but restrain
Much to lose, yet much to gain
Hold down, lock down, confine
I built this cell within my mind
All the stupid tricks
Just proves there's no one greater than You


I hold firmly to the fact that You love me
And that You'll never go away
No You'll never go away
This life's a gift and I know You want me
To use it so I'll serve You every day
Put regret behind to stay
Every night and every day
Every time and every way

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Sleep Walker Lyrics

Your acting like a child
Sleep walking around
And you need to bite down
On something truthful
'Cause your spoonful is watered down

Aren't you tired
'Cause your so tired
And you need to make up your mind

That just drove me to the floor
Always searching for the lies
Don't you want to search further
This time my friend you've gone too far
And I don't see where you are
Don't you know you fit the bill


How long will you waiver back and forth
Oh wake up sleepy head
And rise up from the dead
Wake up tonight and see the light

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Slipshod Lyrics

They look down because you're young
Set the pace, now prove them wrong
Burn your torches raise them high
Your only excuse is you're slipshod

Beat your plowshares into swords
Your pruning shears into spears
Let the weak say I am strong
It's time to move against the grain

Spread your wings
Hands united
And hearts united

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Sonic Lyrics

These toys in my hands
Those words I held dear
They brought me nothing but fear
The choices at hand
To do what I can
And still I walked away from the truth

Forgive my filthy heart
And break my world apart
And I know You would 'cause I gave You all I could
My filthy heart break
Your heart apart
And I know it would 'cause You me all You could

So here I am naked with shame
To fear Your anger and Worship Your name
And I'm the only one to blame
But I put that aside and I came at your feet
I bow there's now better time but now


My flesh is weak, my bones are weary
My will is frail, Give me strength

There's sin in my heart
And blood on my hands
For the love of God who understands
This life is lie and you wonder why
To my skin I must die

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The Misfits Are Dying Lyrics

Sitting in a classroom
Her mind is running free
She asks herself,
what in the world am I to do about me?
She'd like to meet compassion
Acceptance, even romance
But would she know if she met them
She hasn't yet

Lady, you could be beautiful
Your children could be so beautiful
But you want it to quit and the dirge to begin deep within you
Remove the blindfold before your eyes
The clouds above see through the lies
Through this dark-sex-twisted world

This isn't a dream
This is her reality
To find the heart of someone
Who can stay for awhile

Don't you know the church goers love you
Won't bereave you or forsake you
But you soon fall through the cracks
And slowly fade away and disappear
We vanquish the seeker
To protect some secret
But they will never know what they have never been told


Soul impoverished seed of sin
Growth of prejudice ignorance
Has brought us this and love
Where has it gone?
An agony for souls that are crying and dying


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Wretch Lyrics

And I try I try so hard to do what is right
And yet I slip away I fall on my face again
Coping again with my sin again
Oh what life has brought unto me
And all that comes so uneasily
I don't know your ways or acknowledge your plans
Yet still You will heal me and use my wretched self
Take me Lord and do your will
Calm me make me still
Have Your way with my life
Most of all make me give into You

One, two, three men on a cross
One man in the middle made up for my lost soul
With a hole deep wihtin my heart
Changed me from within from the very start
'Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me'
This isn't what I was before
This person that you see
Not my will Lord but Your's
And change me from within
I'm seeking Your counsel as my tears touch my feet
My hopes and my fears unsatisfied desires
Please take them away
Do Your will

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