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A Better Place

Artist: Overflow

Songs on "A Better Place" Album

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Anything But You - View Anything But You Lyrics
Better Place - View Better Place Lyrics
Come Home - View Come Home Lyrics
Cry On My Shoulder - View Cry On My Shoulder Lyrics
Don't Run Away - View Don't Run Away Lyrics
Forever - View Forever Lyrics
Gotta Believe It - View Gotta Believe It Lyrics
Just For Me - View Just For Me Lyrics
My Days Are Better - View My Days Are Better Lyrics
What's Missing - View What's Missing Lyrics

Anything But You Lyrics

I feel like I keep falling on my face
In a world where there's no room for second place

My confidence is growing
I find strength in knowing it's okay
Cause Your love is here reaching out to me

I don't want anything but You
(You're so amazing, there's no replacing You)
I don't want anything but You
(You're so amazing, there's no replacing You)

Without You I'm just living to survive
You're the only one who makes me feel alive

I want the world to know it
I'm not afraid to show it
Cause You're all I want

I wanna love You more 'cause You deserve it
You deserve it
You're so amazing, no replacing You
You're so amazing

I don't want anything but You, I dont want anything but You...

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Better Place Lyrics

Let's add some light to this gloomy world.
Despite the views that we once held.
Sometimes you have a smile.
Spread across your face for about a mile.
You're okay for a while.

I know you want a better way.
It's waiting just for you in a better place.

You've got to make change of heart.
He'll show you where to start.
He'll teach you how to live.
Come on and come with me.
Before you're life can begin.
You gotta grab your cross and follow Him.
What a better place this could be.

I wanna help you find the remed.
Be everything that you can be.
It's so easy.
You're always out of luck and feeling own.
Your wold is spinning round and round to the ground.

You just gotta believe.
Come on, believe it.

You've got to make a change of heart.
Come on and get your party started!
Oh don't you know... before your life can begin you've got to follow Him.

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Come Home Lyrics

All my hopes and dreams came true today
My life won't be the same
You opened up my eyes and let the healing begin
You brought me hope within

You took away the chains that once held me down
Now I can hear You say

Come home, come home
You're calling me into your arms
I've been gone, for so long
I can hear You calling out my name

I can't believe how much You sacrificed
You chose death to give me life
I won't cry for myself anymore
I've found what I've been looking for
You were with me all this time

You've been watching me for so long
I can hear You calling out my name

I've been waiting, anticipating, patiently waiting for you

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Cry On My Shoulder Lyrics

You say you're falling apart
Reached the end of the line
Just looking for your place in an ordinary life
No one calls you friend
No one even knows your name
You just want to feel loved instead of all the pain

You no longer have to say
No one's listening anyway

Come here and cry on my shoulder
I'll hold you 'til its over
I'll rescue you tonight
Let my arms be your shelter
Your hiding place forever
I'll love you more than life

You're wearing a frown
Giving up on hope
My heart is reaching out more than you will ever know
Is your burden too much
Is it more than you can bear
I'll help carry the load if you're willing to share

You have had some hard times
Had thorns placed in your side
I know about what you've been going through
Tears of pain are falling down
It hurts so bad you're crying out
Your problems won't last forever
Let me put you back together

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Don't Run Away Lyrics

Well you are my strength even though I'm never week
And you are my joy even though I'm never sad
But sometimes I see that you get a little mad
I wil always love you, always

Do you love me, I need to know
Do you love me, tell me it's so

Here I am, take my hand, why can't you just understand me
Don't run away
Will you ever realize there's more to life than meets the eye
Don't run away

You stay close to my heart, like the moon to the stars
You are in my head always near and never far
But sometimes I know that you don't even care
I will always love you, always

Someday you will stop ignoring me, hopefully
Don't be afraid, don't run away

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Forever Lyrics

From the very moment I first met You
I was captured by Your every word
Lord I'd be such a fool to forget You
And the message I have heard

Forever You have loved me
Forever and a day
Forever You have loved me

Well I don't know how I ever got here
And I don't know what the future holds
But there is one thing that I can be sure of
There is one thing that I know

(Forever) I will worship You my Father
I wanna dance around Your throne
(Forever) I will worship You my Father
You alone

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Gotta Believe It Lyrics

I'm only human, here for just a little while
A crazy believer
Im not singing just to make you smile

I wanna tell you the truth
Im not a superstar, but it dont matter who you are
He's always there, even when life's not fair
I want you to know

Everyday's not gonna go your way
You're gonna be okay
Gotta believe it, just believe it
His love for you is gonna get you through
There's nothing God can't do
You gotta believe it, just believe it today

We're the same you and me
We've got two hands and two feet
I think I know how you're feeling
I've seen my dreams run away
Just like you I've been afraid
I believed all the lies

I'll tell you the truth
Cause I want you to know

Everyday won't go your way
No need to be afraid
You're gonna be okay today

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Just For Me Lyrics

In the beginning there was You and only You
Tell me where You lonely
Is that why the oceans' blue

You said let there be light
And the night became day
You said let there be life
And that's why I'm here to say

When You hung the stars in the sky and You saw it was good
Was it all just for me
When You showed the sun where to rise and the night where to hide
Was it all just for me

In the beginning there was You and only You
To create a world was something only You could do
You knew my name before You even made the moon
Or the sky above, I'm surrounded by Your love

After all that You have done there's no way I can deserve You
There's no way I can be the one to bring me closer to You
You could have called on angels, but You chose to face the tree
I can't believe You did it for me

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My Days Are Better Lyrics

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt me
Sometimes the future seems unknown
But today has enough worries of its own
Sometimes I'm deep in the valley
Sometimes I'm high on the mountaintop
But today none of that matters

Somtimes it's hard to believe that I've got You and You're all I need
My days are better, my days are better with You
Everyday I wanna see, more of You and less of me
My days are better, my days are better with You

Sometimes I feel just like a hero
Sometimes I feel like I have let you down
But today, I wish those days would disappear
I know You've been through the valley
I know You've been on the mountaintop
But today, Lord You know I need You here

Oh Lord, I can't help but wonder
Why You never gave up on me
I am nothing more than a desparate man in need
You're the one who sets me free

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What's Missing Lyrics

I can't complain I got the best things money can buy
But I'm feeling hollow driving solo in the ride of my life

I wanna know, I wanna see, what's missing in me
Tell me the truth
Im looking for what's missing in me

I'm living a dream got a big screen in my limousine
I'm on top of the world
I've found the perfect girl
I'm a sight that you can see
But I ain't happy, there's got to some more to this dream

Oh can it be true
You died on the tree for people like me
I've been more than a fool
How much more can I do
I'd be lost without you
I've been more than a fool
So tell me what can I do

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