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8 Years To Nowhere

Artist: Crashdog

Songs on "8 Years To Nowhere" Album

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?School - View ?School Lyrics
Bloody Lane - View Bloody Lane Lyrics
Branded - View Branded Lyrics
Easy Out - View Easy Out Lyrics
Forget My Name - View Forget My Name Lyrics
Helpless? - View Helpless? Lyrics
It's A Boy's Life - View It's A Boy's Life Lyrics
Millstone Co. - View Millstone Co. Lyrics
Proclamation - View Proclamation Lyrics
Same Old Pain - View Same Old Pain Lyrics
Sept. 1994 - View Sept. 1994 Lyrics
Violence Of Love - View Violence Of Love Lyrics

?School Lyrics

Got the right shoes
Got the right hair
Got tattoos everywhere
more piercings more dye
Jurassic clothes of increasing size
Preach acceptance and being free
But they're left out of your unity
Be all that and rule the scene
When it fades away what will it mean

Am I punk rock enough for you?
Am I new school enough for you?
Am I old school enough for you?
Where do you got to go to school for this?

Got them boots and that punk rock hair
Pictures of Sid everywhere
Or maybe it's the wallet chain
Back pack thing
Ain't nothing in the world
Like fitting in
Preach acceptance & being free
But they're left out of your unity
If the love of God don't rule your scene
In the end what's it to mean

Am I hardcore enough for you?
Am I new school enough for?
Am I old school enough for you?
What does this school teach to you?

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Bloody Lane Lyrics

Rockets hit the station, fire set ablaze,
death and mutilation in the haze.
Where mercy takes a holiday, hatred wears a crown.
The undertaker's king in Ulster Town.

Green the fields of envy, red the bloody lane.
Still they bury and they bury in my name.

Bells ring out in Belfast.
How many more will die?
The wounded stain the cradle to the grave.
How spite, fear, and bigotry can change the face of shame.
Do the losses really balance out the gain

Grey and broken cobblestone, yellow is the moon.
Bitterest of tears are shed of those who die too soon.
And answers aren't so simple when the truth is plain to see,
you'd do to them what you would do to me.

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Branded Lyrics

outside encircling walls we stand
our liberation stories only we will retell
the voice which will sing our song
belongs to us alone
once they forced us out but
now you could not pay us to return

different irons we've all been branded
ugly, weakling, empty-handed
a tribe of broken people rebuilt together
different irons we've all been branded
permanent misunderstanding
a union of misfits lasts forever

like ghosts, we haunt the edges of your world
can you feel the center on which we turn?
astrocized, unified by what exists
beyond the cold reductions and the haze they emit


from suffering and sorrow we hold no immunity
but a hope is now before us beyond futility
we claim nothing but need alone
despite all your warnings we found a home


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Easy Out Lyrics

injected dreams and overgrown passions
turn unity to selfishness and physical reaction
before we understand the one the two become
wondering eyes cut the ties and leave each other numb

modern love, completely empty
spirit of the age, lust dependency
i will look to no one but you
this committment will see us through

awakened by your tears, now i see my history
moved only by fear forged in anger
to refuse and resist is our decision
break this miserable repetition


is there any link between who i am
and what i think i deserve?
what love have i ever given
worth the pain of living with me?

the easiest ways are the deadest ends
reject the pattern, fight, defend
i'm done with this lie of cheap seperation
i spit in the face of your selfish system


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Forget My Name Lyrics

same sources, same land
different paths, different plans
what you value i despise
unending thirst and greedy eyes
wide roads lead to destruction
many hands bent on production
of everything that beats us down
don't look for me, i won't be found

socially, self impeechable
no turning back, unreachable
i'm skipping up out of your game
keep your scene, forget my name

finally cleared my life, finally cleared my mind
right next to you, but you'll never find me
in the circles that you travel in
loser am i? what did you win?
that hopeless half-life i don't miss
or my chance to bow and kiss
this god you've named society
my coming back you'll never see


same chance, same price
save your breath and your advice
this world you can not sell to me
what we follow, you can't see
leap of the camel, eye of the needle
the lost and lowly will form a people
in your midst, but far away
i see nothing to make me stay


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Helpless? Lyrics

You told me about your broken life
What did you want me to think?
We shared the same cup all along
You call it poison
I call it life
Remember when we stood together?
Now you say you were never there
Were you someone else to me?
Was I someone else to you?

These things made you what you are now?
I don't buy that
Didn't you make your own choice?

All of the people that you respected
All of your friends that used to be
Now they are the ones to blame
No one lasts on your pedestal
Look in the mirror and ask yourself
Why does it always go this way?
Better yet forget yourself
Measure the truth by something else

Psalm 55:12-14

I really wish you the very best
I'll not hope for your demise
But all you'll reap is bitterness
In the cult of the victimized
For you we failed so hopelessly
So live your life and let us be
Forgiveness is where freedom lies
Forgiveness is where freedom lies

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It's A Boy's Life Lyrics

Eatin ants
Burning bugs
Pour some salt on a herd of slugs
Jump in puddles
Play in dirt
Count to ten with Ernie and Bert
Being free
Being me
Climb a tree
And skin my knee
It's a boy's life

Chasin girls
With a slimy frog
Making houses out of Lincoln logs
Taking naps that I'd rather not
Eatin candy till my teeth will rot
Being crazy running wild
Acting like I'm a monkey's child

My blood boils
My heart pounds
My feet move to the punk rock sound
My mind spins
My arms flail
I find the words
And I begin to wail
Like a child
Running free
Just the way it was meant to be

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Millstone Co. Lyrics

word to the corperate bosses and the future elite
a simple message from us to you to bring before your master's feet
written in the blood of the meek of this earth
the ones you'll climb upon to gain the rights of your birth

there's millstones in your future
bleached bones and gnashing teeth
tombstones coming soon
you sold us sold us out
sold us out, saw the future, turned your head, death's distibuter

the gifts that you bring us, they thrill and numb the mind
our downfall awaits us at the end of your assembly line
your poisons and your brews, they rock us in our sleep
but one day you will find that the exploited aren't cheap


your lust you've named holy, you've sactified you greed
behold now your disciples, on you they wait to feed
survival of the fittest, to some it may appeal
'til the God of the weak and broken closes every deal


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Proclamation Lyrics

sit yourself down and pull up an easy chair
here's what we are try not to stare
a deficient attention and sexual distortion
this is our share, this is our portion
remove restraint and repress discretion
a mockery of liberation

renounce material captivity
proclaim the kingdom of Jesus Christ

can dreams center on this gaining obsession?
success, lover, longer life, mine, more, possesion
the lovely, civilized, driven man
i know you, i hate you, become you i can


like battered children we're ducking out
we seen you clear and we're turning about
the shelter we seek is not human made
a kingdom comes, a lie fades...

(chorus 2x)

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Same Old Pain Lyrics

Six million next of kin
Ghost pale bone thin
Six million yellow stars
Holiday in cattle cars
Tattoo blue no more name
A different number but the same old pain

Now it's rolled it's way through Vukovar
To Banja Luka for Greater Serbia
Wave the flag political minority
Killing fields or death camps
Which will you leave?
Washed away by the darkest tide
Ethnic cleansing, it's genocide

History lessons we don't see
Just how blind can we be?
It hasn't stopped
It just goes on endlessly
Xenophobic coward's hate
And a quest for selfish gain
Keep marching on with the same old pain

Ten thousand years we've tripped along
No group can keep it's nose clean long
My tribe, my church, my prophecy,
My bloodthirsty racist policy
Name them, frame them, blame and claim them
Then round 'em up so we can maim them
Washed away by the darkest tide
Ethnic cleansing, it's genocide

No tyrant performs atrocities alone
Who are the creatures that fill the ranks?
And gnaw the bones?
Inhuman animals or twisted evil freaks?
Or does this sickness run deeper than we think?
The heart is shadowed
And no man sees his well
To every soul a fascist undertow
On a cross hangs another Jew
Only His love can see us thru

Six million yellow stars
Black american. Prison bars
Trail of tears. Lynching trees
Manifest Destiny
Brown menace from the south
Khmer Rouge. Odd man out
Green mists dance and climb
Zyklon B the end of the line
Furnace hums a lullaby
Six million God knows why

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Sept. 1994 Lyrics

Late in the summer of 1994
We finally forgot what the killing was for

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Violence Of Love Lyrics

when you were disappeared, a part of me went too
the consequence of my silence was mostly felt by you
revealed to poor and simple, hidden from those so high above
the only violence that can set us straight, the violence of love

no ambition for power
therein lies our freedom
no man is named our enemy
therein lies our freedom
the violence of Christ is our victory

somewhere in the tortures
God takes the victims place
one all will be told the names, the times, the place
i've lost my taste for vengence, though it surely comes for some
i hope now in conversion and the kingdom that will come


selfishness falls to the violence of love
vengence falls to the violence of love
hatred falls to the violence of love
every knee will fall before the violence of love

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